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    Boundaries of Salsa music

    Refering to the "Middle-Eastern Salsa" thread I wanted to get views of DF people on a related question: What does a piece of music need to have for it to qualify as "Salsa" music for you? How 'far out' can it go? Is it enough to have...
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    Salsa diplomacy in the middle east! :)

    Isn't THAT kinda war a good thing? :D Raj
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    Salsa diplomacy in the middle east! :)

    Thomas Friedman once argued that no two countries with a MacDonalds would ever fight a war against each other. Can Salsa do in the Middle East what several wars and negotiations couldn't? The Christian Science Monitor asks "What if it could be proved that no two nations that play salsa...
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    Incredibly good

    Ha Ha! Same here. I just attended my first salsa congress this weekend in Houston, and that was my feeling too. I took a bunch of workshops, some of which taught new moves (which I still can't remember very well), some on timing and technique. There was one on isolations which made me aware of...
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    Dancing teaches respect for women?

    I've had a similar experience with my dance partner, genEus. We started out as beginners and made quite a bit of progress together for a couple of months. Then she couldn't go dancing for 2-3 weeks whereas I kept going to the clubs regularly. After that our skills were not on par, and I just...
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    Do you like salsa fast or slow?

    Just because you like to do that doesn't mean you should! Unless you are a really hot-looking guy, of course. Then the ladies will love you :)
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    Salsa Rejection Follow-up

    Frankly, I dunno which I would prefer less: getting rejected right away or dancing with a girl who's bored or acts not interested in the dance. That is agonizing!!! :x -- Raj
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    Do You Fall Romantically For Your Dance Partners?

    Hmmm specifics at we're going somewhere :lol: -- Raj
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    Help! My feet hurt like hell...

    Thanks coco :) I took about a week off from salsa and I'm fine now. I make sure I wear soft shoes when I dance at home... -- Raj
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    Saturday night was probably my best salsa night ever! I have been trying hard to break out of 'pattern' mode and bring spontaneity to my dancing, and it finally seemed to be working! I was just doing stuff...without even thinking about it. I could feel the music telling me what to do...
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    Are salser@s nice people in general?

    Well, most salser@s seem to be pretty nice to me so far. I don't really interact with them outside salsa, so I don't know what they'd be like outside, but I DO believe that a person's personality and attitude seeps into his/her dancing. I usually judge salser@s by how humble they are and...
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    "Combinations" vs. "Dancing"

    Note to self: Steal Tacad's notebook. ;)
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    "Combinations" vs. "Dancing"

    I think I'm slowly learning to distinguish between the two types. Doing lots of combinations is admirable, but I too prefer the type who do fewer things, but with passion, style, timing (should I just replace all these with 'sabor'? 8) ). More importantly, those who look happy dancing as a...
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    Why Do You Do Salsa?

    I had no idea I could dance until a few months ago (I'm 26). Not that I dance well now, but it seems to be actually getting better. I liked salsa music...and found that it expresses me somehow. It also calms me down and cheers me up. I guess, to be honest, I also am a bit of an...
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    More guys than girls in my salsa class

    Welcome to beginner hell, all over again, chook :D That's just one of the many things that fate has designed as part of a 'trial by fire' for us poor beginners in salsa :evil: I'm in Houston, and I count myself lucky if I find a class with enough girls. You are right, girls have it easier...