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    Bridging Skills Gap and Overcoming Frustration in Partnership

    I've been struggling with this situation for the last half year, and have realized what a really hard time a weaker standard leader has trying to catch up. We discussed the combination - private pro-am lessons - keeping note of everything in a dance diary - extra hours of solo practice I think...
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    Leads and follows or leaders and followers?

    Semantics (from Greek sēmantiká, neuter plural of sēmantikós) is the study of meaning. (quote from Wiki) :tongue: ;)
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    International Standard Hold - Wrists

    Uhoh, this is one of my pet peeves ... A sufferer's appeal to all leaders - regardless of what you consider to be correct, if it is uncomfortable for the follower, then please do find a solution that fits you both.
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    What is the benefit of social partnership ?

    I've had the same social partner for over three years, but he's not a DP for socials but rather someone with whom I learn social ballroom. Where I am virtually all adult classes are couples only, so you have to find a partner first. And once you've found one that "fits", you do everything you...
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    Current shoes causing pain, how do I find a new pair?

    For me personally a full shank is an absolute must-have, because I can't dance standard without it yet. At the moment I wear a 2" smooth shoe for both standard and latin, so I sacrifice latin flexibility for standard stability. On the other hand, if the shoe is a bad fit, dancing anything at all...
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    Teaching by students

    I've borrowed this quote from the Ballroom Dance board, because I think it's relevant here as well. If a correction is made verbally and you are a visual learner, you're going to have a harder time translating the correction into your own actions. A lot of corrections which come from other...
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    Futility of Beginning Lessons and the Cycle of Forgetting

    Good one! *Click* Thanks :D
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    It's Friday ... Are You Going Dancing?

    Yes :D My social group class has moved from Mondays to Fridays, or to be more precise DP1 and I have changed groups. So I now get to go dancing almost every Friday. And we always have fun there. Yippee. Must go and pack my dance bag. Bye for now.
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    Those Photo Enforcement Cameras

    Same here. But it's OK to hold other things in your hand like coffee, sandwich, lipstick. I don't get it. My employer doesn't even allow company car drivers to use a handsfree phone. But talking to other people sitting in the car is OK. I don't get that either.
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    Teaching by students

    Absolutely! The steam started building up on Monday, and I'm now in the process of ordering my thoughts and choosing my words. I knew this new partnership was going to be hard work in more sense than one, but it's worth the effort. On a general note, I do appreciate the motivation of a more...
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    Teaching by students

    How often do I get corrected? A lot. At least by new DP who's more advanced than I am. And it's becoming a problem. Already. Basically, almost everything that doesn't work or feels wrong is apparently my fault, and if I would just do what he recommends, then we would be fine :headwall: How do I...
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    Futility of Beginning Lessons and the Cycle of Forgetting

    I think asking questions is very important. It shows your teacher you're interested, motivated and eager to learn. If you don't get something the teacher has demonstrated - ask. If you don't unterstand an explanation - ask. If you need more information on something - ask. Answering those...
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    Short short hair ideas.

    I'm a big fan of headbands. I wear them for lessons all the time. But they have to be fairly flat and fit well so that they don't fly off if there's any accidental head-to-hand/arm/elbow-contact, although I've only had that happen when dancing salsa. If they're too tight, you get headaches...
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    If You Could Only Do One Dance

    Slow waltz. I can't live without 3/4 timing. (Not sure what that says about me ;) )
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    Decision help on where to take lessons

    Yes, we can change later with one month notice, but we're hoping to decide, stay, and be happy. The second try-out round starts today, and I now have a few more things to consider. Thanks for the input folks.