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    What do you need to improve on?

    i think your spins look really good!!! :shock: i think that for we mere mortals, spins depend a fair amount on the leader, and trust is important like you imply. of course, for the salsa-supa-stars who can do zillions of spins on their own, probably the quality of the lead matters only...
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    Ladies: skirts or trousers?

    i have those undies too. ;) i also picked up some short spandex tennis shorts by adidas, because i was having the HARDEST time finding white bike shorts.... and ditto on the thong (with jeans).
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    Do you think beginners know what a good lead is?

    nice pic kindra! (and i miss heather too :' ( you chopped her off, LOL)
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    UK Congress Roll Call! Bognor Regis, September 23-25

    only a few hours left!!!!!!!!! (how am i supposed to work this afternoon???)
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    Salsa in DC

    you could try, altho not every event may end up listed there. i will make an effort to post on DF when i hear about things... altho i think vin and beto are more up on the current happenings in dc. good luck :)
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    UK Congress Roll Call! Bognor Regis, September 23-25

    Turns out a bunch of my friends from Oxford are going, which clinched my decision to attend, and also means i have roomies! Yay... :)
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    UK Congress Roll Call! Bognor Regis, September 23-25

    I am definitely going. My mobile is 0774 871 4770, See you all there! L
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    Running club anyone?

    r u going? still lazy these days but oh well. :) at least going 4X / week
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    Running club anyone?

    woohoo! i have been LAZY these days. but i did run 3X this week so far.... including in the woods this AM. :)
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    Salsa in Prague

    i think you're both cute! :kissme:
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    Salsa in Prague

    Hey all, I'll be in Prague Tues Sept 6 - Fri Sept 9th, was wondering if anyone knows of any good salsa venues for weekdays? Thanks! L
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    Forums Meet and Greet – Sept 16th–18th - London, UK

    i'd like to make it, just let me know when/where! :) L
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    Running club anyone?

    i was laaazy last week and (barely) ran 4 days, even then i cut most of the runs short. mostly just sat and bummed around and ate ice cream and skipped work. blaaaah! well, two steps forward, one back. i guess we all need "vacation" from time to time. ;) anyway this week i am back in the...
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    Any ideas for a Salsa Vacation?

    London is fun, tho not necessarily warm. I've never been, but if I had a choice, I'd pick Puerto Rico....
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    Running club anyone?

    nice to see you too! ya, feels good to be running again. although now i am tired, so may have to opt out of dancing tonite!