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    Irish Dance

    I used to take lessons, although did not compete. It is wonderful, great exercise and the music is so amazing. I had two different instructors, the first I did not click with, very rule book oriented and old school, the 2nd was amazing, with a freer view of the dance, I compared them to...
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    Two questions from someone considering WCS

    So am I correct in thinking that you do not need a partner to do comps? (non pro-am) That you sign up for Jack and Jill and you are assigned someone to dance with thereby eliminating the need for a partner (as one needs in ballroom)? Or is that just one portion of a comp and the other portions...
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    Two questions from someone considering WCS

    Thank you so very much everyone!!! I love those videos, and can't wait to look up more! WCS is sure a great-looking dance! I am impressed beyond belief that any of that happens without a routine!! Coming from latin and jazz, well it sure takes it up a million notches on the difficulty curve...
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    Two questions from someone considering WCS

    Hello, I have never taken WCS. It looks fun and I would like to try it. I was wondering 1- if there are any youtube showdance/showcase videos that WCS dancers could point me to that show what it can look like at its best/most amazing and who are the dancers that are the most fun to watch...
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    Being Asked to Teach a Move

    I have done similar to is a good diplomatic way to handle the question. And I would not know the answer usually (how to teach it) so would say lets try it, then when we try it, and it goes wrong I would say well, I am not sure what happened, let's ask the instructor to watch us to see...
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    Origin of INT'L LATIN BALLROOM step names?

    Hi Cheery, I have often wondered this myself. I don't know the answer but there sure are some very curious names for steps!
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    Lured to the Darkside - Again

    I find your posts either: lacking in manners ( ) or distasteful
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    Latin Dance Lesson in KL

    Sorry what is KL? Which state are you in?
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    wearing dance shoes in regular life? (ladies)

    Is it relatively easy to just have a shoe repair place add a leather sole over the suede one to increase their life?
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    wearing dance shoes in regular life? (ladies)

    Thanks so much everyone, this is very helpful, I will be considering this! It had never even occurred to me and yet is a nice alternative when considering one's feet.
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    wearing dance shoes in regular life? (ladies)

    Has anyone ever tried this? I am mostly thinking of court shoes in leather and it occured to me when I saw someone wearing what looked to me like a court shoe...I asked her and she said no it was a shoe from DSW. It was black. But it really looked somilar to a ballroom shoe with a cuban heel...
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    Franchise Experiences

    Sorry to say this, (and hi sassysamba, I have not seen you post before and enjoy your frank posts!) but yes, I would probably, rightly or wrongly feel offended if someone called me weird. I almost started lessons at a franchise because I did not know about another closer location that was...
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    Do you have to wear boots to compete? (for ladies)

    Is it possible to compete in ballroom dance shoes...latin ones? I have never been to a CW comp to see for myself if everyone wears boots. Sorry if this is a silly question:) Thanks very much! BTW I read the rules but they said something like you must wear them at worlds but ntot...
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    Crush on Instructor...

    Where are there those kinds of long term contracts? Any place I have taken lessons lets you do packages of 5, 10 to 40 or so. But they don't involve time year or two years. I dont know why studios would do this? One year is a very long time..much less two? Does anyone else's...
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    Crush on Instructor...

    I guess I am speaking generally and for this situation. And what you wrote above is what I would want her or anyone to avoid, you said it very well!! It is my experience that guys always let you know if they like you, even if they are not sure you like them back. I have never thought that...