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    Real young partner

    :D Good one! Well, since you can't compete with her according to the regulations anyway, it isn't really a discussion anymore.
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    Real young partner

    True. Another thing to consider is not the actual age difference, but her very young age itself. I wouldn't want to get wrapped up in having to deal with a 13y/o teenager.
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    Real young partner

    As a 24y/o male, I wouldn't be very comfortable with that big of an age difference.
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    Partnership dilemma

    Meet and date as many other women as you can to get your mind into "neutral". I wouldn't "discuss the matter" with her at all, because if she feels attracted to you, you'll kill it with that. If you like her and want her to like you, keep doing what works. Keep up the teasing! In fact, dail it...
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    How do men lead in latin dances?

    I actually had a lesson with a really great coach this week. One of the things we touched was correct lead. Good posture, core strength, keeping your shoulders down and steady are key. But very important, relax your arms. You definitely don't lead through your arms by "pushing", as mentioned...
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    How do men lead in latin dances?

    I guess we do now... Out of curiousity, how was his posture anyway?
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    Newcomer Dancing

    lol, what's an alemana?
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    So I have a dance crush. Any women, or men, can share advice

    One word, PRO As mentioned before, you're dealing with a pro. Except for the crush part I'm a very similar position. Very funny, cute teacher, we get along great and have a lot of fun. I'm not gonna fool myself into thinking there's anything more. Think about the good part, you're gonna...
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    First Competition (Maybe)

    Haha, kinda true, except that I think most pros spend much more money then they make so they're in debt to their eyeballs. Hence, the reason pro-am exists (that's my thought at least, not the only reason though).
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    got kicked out of salsa class

    24 hours ago You posted this: 24 hours ago. These two stories don't go well together...
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    Where do you practice?

    Could you mention a few (if you're in that area) from the south bay?
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    Standard/Smooth vs. Latin/Rhythm - gender/age factor?

    Oooh I get it! You're talking about old people! :D I'm younger and I like latin because the women are wearing very little :lol:
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    Private lessons - competitors only?

    Actually, I'd like my teacher to be tougher on me! She has too, I want to be a russian crusher some day :lol:
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    Private lessons - competitors only?

    You might be in luck!!! Are you located in sunnyvale California? If so, I know the best, coolest little studio with the kindest, funniest, top notch teachers in town! PM me for details.
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    Need some encouragement-another issue about pro/am vs am/am

    Sure, I would take privates if my goal was to become a good social dancer.