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    Is Ballroom dancing expensive? (Article)

    The article never scoffed at any people... I think its very easy spin words that never were written in the actual article... it was meant to inspire people to look at how much value Ballroom dancing brings to their lives... and was focused on figuring how important it is for them. Usually when...
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    Is Ballroom dancing expensive? (Article)

    Interesting points everyone. I can totally see how if your family is struggling to put food on the table, you will have to cut on dancing.... I think for most people in that situation spending the money on food is probably more important than dancing then! Nothing wrong with that... I think my...
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    Is Ballroom dancing expensive? (Article)

    Have you read the entire article? I'm not comparing what you spend to what I spend... its just an extreme example from the article... The whole point is - do you consider what you spend expensive or not? And what do you base it on?
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    Is Ballroom dancing expensive? (Article)

    Please check out a new article on Passion4dancing on whether Ballroom dancing is expensive: Leave your comments to let us know your thoughts.
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    3 Benefits of taking private lessons

    I absolutely believe that private dance instruction is the best way to learn how to dance properly. While they are more expensive, they are well worth it. Here are 3 reasons why. 1. Customized To You Private dance lessons are great because the focus is solely on you. Once your teacher has...
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    Rumba wrist hold

    Hi there, I think I know what you are asking...but not completely sure.. In general the wrist is supposed to be in line with the arm. And so maybe some times you can tweak/bent it a little bit depending on what move you are doing, but the idea is not to break the line of the arm. Also the...
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    Latin: Offset or No Offset

    I have to disagree with that hand hold all together...I would never teach anybody to keep the entire forearm from hand to elbow touching... It is very restricting to dance like that. The way I do my hold and teach it is to hold hands and there is plenty of space between the partners...
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    Have you fired a student?

    I have fired "difficult students" on a few occasions form group classes mainly. One case that I remember vividly was the student did not follow my instruction at all and was disruptive to the whole class. For example, we had a rotational system where everybody had to dance with everybody and...
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    Latin: Offset or No Offset

    Definitely offset...very little...its just much easier to dance with someone slightly offset instead of right in front of you!
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    Bent Legs in International Latin

    I think the top dancers pretty much choose to stylize their basics however they feel it. I do think that its easier to get away with a bent leg styling for someone who is at the very top...But its because they've been through all the different ways of doing something and now choosing a few new...
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    How to handle unequal abilities between partners?

    It is important to find a partner that has the same DRIVE as you and same GOALS. Because then even if he/she isn't at your level, they will rise to it quickly if they are driven. They will work hard and do whatever is necessary to reach your level (assuming they are hardworking and want to...
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    Yankee Classic 2012

    It was nice to meet you too Jane!
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    Why is ballroom so expensive?

    I think that Ballroom dancing get the "expensive" reputation because people feel like "learning to dance" should be cheap! This is especially true with newcomers. And I hear the same folks totally okay with spending thousands of dollars on sports tickets, vacations and other hobbies... The...
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    Yankee Classic 2012

    I will be there on Thursday and Friday doing pro/am with my students!
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    Ballroom Dancer: Documentary feat. Slavik & Anna

    great thoughts ChaChaMama...Totally agree with your thoughts on movie-slavik...I think he needs to put more attention on mental health, not just physical health...