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    Happy Birthday, SalsaChinita!!

    Gosh, I almost missed it ! Happy birthday to one of my favourit "old" forum members ! All the best and, well, even some of the rest ;)
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    First performance

    Unless you are a great choreographer, a superb dancer, and an amazing teacher, 1 week is definitly too short to come up with a perfect routine and work out everything with your partner. What you still have time to do, however, is to choreograph a few (3, 4, 5 or 6, depends on the length of the...
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    Anybody taken classes with (or danced) with Super Mario?

    I have to go, so I'll just jot in a few remarks : Well, I'd agree with you except that what we are trying to assert here is precisely wether or not he does make them feel good. (as in "beeing a good lead is making your follow feel good") Of course the answer will be in the form "he is a good...
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    Anybody taken classes with (or danced) with Super Mario?

    I do agree with you a hundred percent. A SM class without Susana is usually easily summed up (as far as follow are concerned) by the famous phrase : "And Ladies ? You turn, and smile"
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    Anybody taken classes with (or danced) with Super Mario?

    OK, for starters, try and stop shouting a few words in each sentence. It really makes you come out like the bully 5 year old you described : can’t get a point across ? Shout it ! The problem with your argument here, and it is the same with all psych 101 graduates, is that you base your...
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    Anybody taken classes with (or danced) with Super Mario?

    Don't ignore it, look it up. There is no ad hominem here. I am not attacking you to make it seem like you are stupid, therefore wrong in what you say. I am merely pointing out the fact that you are saying that you KNOW why ladies enjoy dancing with SM despite the fact that : 1. you know...
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    Parental disapproval

    OK, now the new avatar you have chosen is a totaly unfair way of prooving me wrong on this topic...
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    Anybody taken classes with (or danced) with Super Mario?

    Oh comme on, luv, was it really that bad dancing with me ?
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    Anybody taken classes with (or danced) with Super Mario?

    The funny thing is that this is exactly what I was thinking of you since reading your second post : This guy has worked SOOOO HARD at looking good himself (rhight body motion, right short, right hairdoo, and probably able to spin out of control), just to find out that most follow would rather...
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    Dancing in a Slot

    Well, both On1 and On2 (and again either kind of On2) are by definition slot dances. But though you are supposed to dance in a line, the line itself can move. Further more, when on the floor of a much overcrouded event, the slot is supposed to move from time to time in order to avoid all...
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    "yo bailo el salsa muy bueno" tee shirt

    Is it just me that does not get it, or are the mistakes in spanish just real mistakes and not a joke ?
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    Would you like to be told? How?

    Be carefull though, after one too many drink, the bad smell might actually be coming from very, very close to your nose...
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    Dance Boots for Salsa

    You might also want to take a look at some tropical gem pictures. The girls allways have amazing clothes and shoes during socials, I'd say they are your best bet ;)
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    Basket Case

    Best way I have found to lead this with a beginner follow is by switching hand position. My hand position. Instead of holding her hand with four finger, I'll hold her with the botom three. That allows to keep a light fourth finger on her hand so she knows not to take them away, and to lead...
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    Parental disapproval

    Wait till you dance with me. That will definitly take all pressure off. Except maybe from the toes I might step on... But hey, I've heard weirder things than people you'd never look at twice in the street becoming beautifull while dancing, so beware, I just might fall for you during a...