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    Poll for the ladies; To Cologne, or NOT to Cologne, THAT is the question!

    Cologne/perfume is a tricky thing. Something that smells pleasant to one person may smell terrible to another. I know a guy who nearly fainted after a tanda with one woman whose perfume had a lily as a basenote - in his culture lily is a funeral flower and he recently buried his aunt, so the...
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    Historia De Un Amor

    Wow thank you! I didn't know about the Gobbi version!
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    Dancing in Vienna

    Ohhh I wish I've seen this post in time! Too late now, of course! I went to several nice ones so if you are still interested, send me a message.
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    Dancing when abroad

    I always go to local milongas when travelling! In fact I plan my business trips around the milongas of the place I am going to. Often I end up in places where I don't speak the local language and people don't speak English: China was one such place. This is the best feeling in the world - a...
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    Musicality - what does it mean to you?

    Another question I'd like to pose to those that lead: When you hear elements like 3-3-2 syncopation or change from 1-3 beat to 2-4 in the melody, do you have a favorite way (element of movement that fits that particular musical element) of expressing it, or do you have several elements that you...
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    Musicality - what does it mean to you?

    To answer TomTango: A bit about me - I was studying music (piano) for 10 years in school, so I do have the ability to read music, hear different instruments, melodies, and rhythm. I also have been listening to tango music exclusively for the last 2 years (everywhere - in the car, in the house...
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    Musicality - what does it mean to you?

    Joaquin is amazing at explaining the structure of the music to people that do not have any musical background. He even gets people to read music, those who never did it in their lives! Impressive :)
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    tango as a competition

    I think social tango and competition tango are two different things, almost a world apart. Competition tango is not at all needed for the community and someone deciding to train for a competitive tango would be less likely to dance socially (at least during the training period) just because...
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    Musicality - what does it mean to you?

    I have recently taken a weekend long workshop with Joaquin Amenabar. The lessons literally blew my mind apart! They changed forever the way I hear the music! I have heard many references to a leader "being musical" or "not being musical". Of course I have experienced myself how painful it is to...
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    Understanding Tango by understanding Ballet

    Chrisa - I think you are spot on! Tango is very technical and having the understanding of the body movement and the ability to control that movement makes the it easier to get a handle on technique. Ballet, being probably the most technically difficult dance, provides the foundation for pretty...
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    Understanding Tango by understanding Ballet

    While it is true that technique of ballet is very different from tango, and true that former ballerinas have to unlearn may things to be able to follow etc., it is also true that any formal dance training - ballet, ballroom, etc. - allows people to go further and faster in their tango learning...
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    Confusing feelings on the floor

    The more one dances Argentine tango, the more skill one possess, the more every dance is a feeling of having no skin - no barrier, no protection. It is about giving all of you to the other person - without reservations. The flip side is - you feel the other person on such a deep personal level...
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    Lost my tango appetite

    I actually agree with this! My teacher, who is a professional Argentine tango dancer, been teaching this dance for 20 years as well as performing all over the world, teaches exactly that in his musicality class: leaders, place your follower's feet on (or off, if that's your choice) the beat. It...
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    Where are the men to tango with at my beautiful 64 years of age? :)

    It seems in Southern California the average age is over 60 - for both men and women. It is actually interesting - the age distribution across the globe. I went to China and my impression was - dancers are on average younger than 30. Same in Russia. It may be related to the fact that these...
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    heels for tango dancing

    I absolutely agree with Angel Hl - if you don't wear heels often and not comfortable walking in them in your every day life, it will be a steeper learning curve - to add heels training to your dance learning. And probably not worth the effort. Sure, tango shoes can look spectacular sitting in...