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    What makes a good follow?

    My post got so many replies, that was really cool!! :D I was talking to my teacher about the assets of a good follow and she did mention most of the characteristics listed in the above threads. The main thing I try to focus on is feeling like I'm dancing WITH the lead instead of either...
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    What makes a good follow?

    I'm sorry for not specifying. :wink: I meant following in general. :lol:
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    Swing Population Thinning?

    I think if the swing tradition is really dying, it's due to a lack of education in some areas. I've met too many people that didn't even know about the existence of swing dancing. I myself thought that it had died out even though I was in to classical dancing until I happened to meet someone who...
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    What makes a good follow?

    I've always wondered what the leads thought: What makes a good follow? What is it that leads are looking for when sitting on the sidelines, watching the follows on the dancefloor? --Just curious!! :wink:
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    Lindy Hop vs. Other Swing Styles

    Back to the point: Oh yah, (sorry, I digressed) when I attend functions that have people that actually know what they're doing, I indeed feel some sort of superiority coming from others when in the environment. I just take it as people I need to talk to in order to learn more. They give off...
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    Lindy Hop vs. Other Swing Styles

    Popularizing EC and Lindy :) Okay, I think this is a very interesting subject. Around my area, swing is not a popular dance. People prefer the "booty-shakin" to P-diddy and Nelly, but I think it's attributed to their lack of knowledge, availability and possibly the complexity. I can't count...
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    Swing vs Salza

    8) Around my college, we actually try to intertwine swing and salsa. That way the two types can get to know one another. I think it helps everyone. People get moves off each other and the venues get more patrons. I enjoy both. :lol:
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    Hi, I'm new here :)

    Different dancing... :lol: Don't you worry, girlfriend! I have an extensive background in the tap, jazz, ballet world too which actually helps when getting more educated in the ballroom style dancing. The only thing you're not prepared for is having a partner! Learning as many dancing styles...
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    What is your favorite Swing movie?

    :lol: Yes, I'll have to reinforce the Long Live Swing!! Being a former dancer in ballet, tap, modern, etc....I realized that dancing alone is a little easier! I thought "Strictly Ballroom" was pretty good. I just did a presentation for school on Flamenco, so I had a renewed appreciation for it.
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    Swing Moves Sites

    Some swing sites... This site was recommended to me a while ago, and I think it's really great. It's mostly swing and balboa. Try it out!! :D
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    What Makes A Good Teacher?

    Another virtue to a good teacher... Those are definately some good points! :wink: I've had several teachers throughout my life and I think one of the best teachers I had would always look for input from me on an individual basis. She would ask me questions and try to conform to my needs. I...
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    Pet Peeves at Dances

    Dancing Pet Peeves :lol: I'd have to say that one of my biggest peeves is when somone is considered a big fish in a little pond where they come from, but wont leave their own realm for fear of not recieving the same attention and compliments. I call it the "shock-collar syndrome." If they...