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    Salsa in Houston, Texas

    There's a big social in Houston the first saturday of every month, called Salsa Dura Saturday, at the Melody Club. It's the biggest monthly social in Texas, with 200+ people. The people there know which clubs are best on which nights. You can find listings for...
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    Social norms in salsa dancing

    Dude, if you go around with that attitude, it will be clear as day on your face, and women won't want to dance with you or get to know you. Take some privates and be extra-nice to them. If you're outside their age range for dating, you will have to try harder to be friends with them, but it...
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    Social norms in salsa dancing

    If you're not dancing during a bachata or merengue, and you see some girl you danced with earlier also not dancing, do you go up and say hi and start a normal conversation? Do you ask if they would like to get a bite to eat after dancing? Get to know the guys and they will introduce you to...
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    Is the timing for on1 style REALLY Quick Quick Slow?

    In On2, some people match the tumbao rhythm of the conga drums with their feet and bodies. ...q.s..q..q.s...q here's someone playing the tumbao rhythm:
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    Do all the better dancers, do it on2?

    As a leader, I like knowing both so I can ask my partner, "Do you want to dance On1 or On2?" Some advanced ladies are fine with both, then I get to choose. Tropical Gem of Milano is one of the best dance companies in the world, and they are fantastic in both styles. If On1 is good enough...
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    Salsa internet radio stations an FM salsa radio station in Medellin, Colombia.
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    NY Times Salsa article

    Without all the studio dancers (like me), the salsa scene all over the world would be a LOT smaller. We keep a lot of clubs in business and we buy a lot of the music, including the old Fania classics. There are instructors out there who are teaching about musicality and trying to bring it back...
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    Fav social dancing clip demonstrating musicality?

    AlexSem, thanks for posting that Frankie clip, I hadn't seen it either. You're also right about Frankie's DVD. Every time I work out with that video I see new subtleties. It shows how you can dance to the music with every body part. If only I could move to NYC and take classes from him...
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    Salsa not meant for stage

    Salsa's better on a small stage. The dancers usually don't move across the stage enough to look good on a big stage. I went to the World Championships in Vegas last December, which was held in a big arena (one that normally has rodeos, of all things). The floor was HUGE and the stands were...
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    DC Salsa Congress 2007 -- roll call

    what's the male/female ratio in the DC salsa scene?
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    Surprise! Still on the team...

    Congratulations! Having a superstar like Jayson Molina teach for a whole month in your city is a very rare opportunity. I took workshops from him at a congress last year and he's one of those stars that lives up to the hype. He can have a stereotypical New Yorker attitude, but who cares...
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    Is your dance company exclusive?

    NYCSalsero, the dance company I belong to here in Texas has a similar policy about not belonging to other companies. It makes sense. They are devoting a lot of time in addition to class time to run the operation. They want to invest in people who are more likely to stay with them. I've known...
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    Who are the top international instructors?

    naturallove, you're going to have a LOT of fun. I saw Tropical Gem when they came to Houston to Bayou City Mambo in October of 2006. They did different routines on Saturday and Sunday and both were awesome. Their conditioning shows in the sharpness of their movements. Definitely bring a...
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    Kind of afraid to take a salsa class

    James, they don't call it Beginner Hell for nothing... Embarrassing yourself in the beginner lesson is the least of your worries. You also have to walk up to a woman at the salsa club and ask her to dance when you know you're going to be the worst dance she'll have that evening. And she...
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    anyone ever go to a Frankie social?

    What I wouldn't give to be able to dance "that Frankie-way"...