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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    you're not the one with that problem, I'm afraid. Good idea to try that!
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    We did a ballroom show on Sunday and we faced it as a practice to see how things are going. The outcome was surprisingly good all things considering. I saw a couple of photos yesterday and - oh my - the big difference a nice and clear posture can make. Can't wait to see if the videos confirm...
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    Latin vs. Standard Men's Pants

    guys, I have to disagree. In my lower categories I danced with a single pair both styles and nothing happened. The trick for me was to get a straight-leg pant with small pleats and no decorations (no sattin ribbons or stuff whatsoever). Length is no such a big issue, as there is just a 2.5 cm...
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    How long a partnership usually last?

    Well I top that longest partnership by a long stretch: 21 years dancing, 7 of those in competition :eek: . For me the only secret is: patience, patience and patience and having compatible goals. Along the years I've seen a lot of partner-changes around and I'd say that the issues that may...
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    what do you guys do for living?

    I most definitely am not :shy:. That's why I've been doing the numbers endlessly and asking. With more money, things would be easier.
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    what do you guys do for living?

    Also working on IT stuff by day and dancing by night and at any other times. I teach some classes and do some dance shows, some paid, most not o_O (well, we usually get something like a free dinner or a gift). Been thinking about starting my own dance studio, but I don't get the numbers right...
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    Member Introductions -- Index

    Hi there. I discovered this forum just a short time ago, so I'll introduce myself. My partner and I dance in Europe, and we try to move around a bit (time & money permitting). We dance both the Int. standard and Latin, at the equivalent of the Champ level in national competitions, and we also...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    mmm. this is an interesting thread. May help to read it frequently to see that we're not all alone "out there" and that we all have similar problems from time to time. Right now we're trying to overcome a bad year in international standard. We feel our dancing has not improved a single bit and...
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    German Open Championships 2013 livestream

    I saw the videos there and they're were sooo enjoyable :D The question is: what happened to Paolo&Joanne? They didn't dance although he was attending the final and clapping all the time to Benedetto. Anybody knows why they didn't dance? injury? other issues? For me it was quite a...