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    why is salsa so hard for me??

    This is not always a good idea - not all good dancers are good teachers. You'd benefit more from going to a teacher who has a good reputation (ask your friend if he can recommend any).
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    How do you make dancing fun for followers who can't stay on beat?

    Personally, I never consider a leader who can't keep time to be a good leader. To me being consistent with their timing is an essential skill a good dancer must have. I suspect these guys are making the situation worse for people like you, who can hear the beat, by indicating to these girls that...
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    total beginner: easy moves that work (on anyone)

    Hmm, interesting... you are taking LA style classes but your repertoire consists entirely of Cuban style moves? Where/how did you learn these moves if not in the classes you are taking? As a beginner you will probably benefit from sticking to just one style for now. What style do the majority...
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    Ready for social dances?

    Are there any social dancing opportunities where you are taking classes? If there are, those are probably the easiest way to get into social dancing since your classmates and your teachers are likely to be there too. Alternatively, does the place you are thinking about going have pre-social...
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    Salsa on 1 or 2?

    The style you describe seems to be what's known as "Power2", "Palladium 2", "Ballroom 2", etc. I believe there are already people who dance and teach the style (although it may not be as common as the Eddie Torres style). My on2 teacher in Tokyo used to teach Power2 (which she learned in NY)...
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    Using Twitter to tell dance pals where u r dancing at the time...

    In Japan, a lot of people are using mobile Mixi (Japanese equivalent of Facebook) for that purpose.
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    L.A. and N.Y. Salsa / Cuban Salsa

    I dance Cuban as well as LA and NY styles. Yes, from a few different instructors. - The LA and NY styles are both slot based, i.e., linear. Cuban salsa is not slot based. The leader and follower circle around each other (my mental image of Cuban style salsa is a pinwheel with the Yin and...
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    London Salsa

    SOS (Salsa On Sundays) is my favourite London night. Definitely no sleaze. Every Sunday at the Royal National Hotel near Russell Square. I hear good things about MamboCity's Ealing night on Fridays though I haven't had a chance to try it myself. At Ealing Town Hall. As Tangotime says, there...
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    Video Dance Tutorials - Useful? / Useless? / Just infomercials for teachers?

    And also depends on the student. A leader who's already reasonably competent with good knowledge of the lead-follow mechanics and timing who wants to pick up new moves can probably benefit from video and online instructions. I don't think videos are particularly useful for beginners...
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    forgive my ignorance but whats the rueda for? and is dancing on any beat correct?

    Son Hmm, your thread title is about rueda but the question is about son? Anyhoo, Here are some YouTube clips of people dancing son, which hopefully gives you an idea of what son music sounds like as well as how son is danced...
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    How do I get asked to dance

    I don't believe 99% latino clubs, or even 50% latino clubs, exist in areas I've lived (Scotland/Japan).
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    Beginners questions: whats the rueda for? and is dancing on any beat correct?

    Rueda is often used as part of teaching Cuban style salsa. Cuban style can be danced either with one partner or as a rueda, and Cuban style teachers often use it to rotate the class. You don't normally see Rueda used in teaching other styles of salsa, such as LA style/NY style. As for...
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    How do I get asked to dance

    Definitely. Before I ask a girl I don't know (as a leader - I'm learning to lead and trying to dance with girls of all levels, not just my friends), I check her shoes. If she's got a pair of mules on, she doesn't get asked, period. If she's wearing street shoes that could be danced in, I wait...
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    NY salsa congress - prices

    I went to the NY congress the last two years. The first time I went (2007) there were water stations in the evening. I remember thinking how generous they were since you never see free water stations at congresses in the UK or any of the European congresses I've been to. Obviously the organisers...
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    sprained ankle

    ... are what you should do *immediately* after injury (first aid to combat inflammation). But 8 days later, and after you thought it was getting better? Hmm, I'd say see a doctor. Depends on what you mean by "can"... :p A few years ago I sprained my left ankle on my way to a salsa weekend...