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    Quitting Dancing

    Hiya, pygmalion!! :) Soooo lovely to see you again!!! I didn't think anybody would remember!! I'm PMing you! :)
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    Quitting Dancing

    Oh, dear! Having stopped dancing for a few years, I'm now considering going back - and I'm ridonculously excited. The only thing is, having danced a lot in the past, I'm dreading my first few weeks. I've gone from being super fit (and dancing 5-7 days a week) to doing, well, nothing! Zoiks!!!
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    Dancing diabetics

    Hey guys! Just wondering if there are any others other there who are dancing nuts with diabetes and how you handle it. I get reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly exhausted after a night of dancing and need to keep sugar with me at all times and it's kinda scary at times, but I wouldn't give up...
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    Thinking of opening a dance studio

    Tips for starting a dance school Ok, guys...after thinking about it for way too long, I'm diving in and starting my own dance studio. Well, a temporary one to start with. Though we've all been taking dance lessons for years and know the basics, are there any tips or tricks or ideas those of you...
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    Are there any "new" dances out there?

    Ok, folks, I've been thinking (a dangerous thing, I know). Are there any new dances out there? Obviously styles within established categories of dance such as ballet, ballroom, tango and funk change, as do moves and the accompanying music, but, really, the human body can only move so many ways...
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    Tango is Such a BORING Dance. Same Steps and Patterns Over and Over...I QUIT!

    Ha ha ha! My poor little heart leapt a fair way! Talk about sucked in. I was all fired up to say that if you really believe that, you either aren't dancing it correctly or are seeing a very poor calibre of Tango! Tango is one of the sexiest, most passionate dances you can image - when...
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    Am I being ripped off?

    Hi, guys. I'm starting a series of dance classes for various groups as a business model with a view to bigger things. It's mainly mini courses and the like, but every teacher I've contacted appears to charge differently. Some charge for travel time, others per student and some have a flat fee...
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    Workout motivation

    I remember a girl at the gym who always looked like she was having a ball, even when she didn't have a magazine or MP3 player. I once asked her about what motivated her and she said that she always visualised meeting her ex with her fabulous new body and that kept her motivated from minute one...
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    What to do now?

    If you're not game enough to go for classes, then watch lots of video clips or YouTube clips. Watch them again and again and, obviously, if the moment takes you, jump up and try the moves for yourself. Personally, I'd go for classes (hip hop/funk etc) because even though nobody expects you to...
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    Dirty Dancing 20th anniversary interview with Eleanor Bergstein

    Hi, guys. Check out this interview with Eleanor Bergstein from Dirty Dancing. She wrote the movie and based both Baby and Johnny on her own life.,21985,23446173-5006016,00.html She talks about how the producers thought it would only last three...
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    It's never too late! Ballet dancer, 88, makes debut

    Fabbo! :) And I thought I was too old! woohooo!
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    How many times have you seen your favourite dancing movie?

    Ok, I'm a freak. I LOVE Dirty Dancing and have since day 1, but I watch it at least five or six times a year (if not more!). How many times have you seen your favourite dance flick?
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    Pray a prayer for me

    Good luck, Lucretia. You've got prayers, light and all sorts of loving thoughts coming your way from all corners of the globe, it seems!
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    What do you do to unwind *after* dancing?

    I usally sleep - and well! I tend to wear myself out dancing and usually fall straight into bed and have a fabulous night's sleep. There's nothing like falling asleep exhausted from having danced and danced and danced... :)
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    What is the best way to pay a dance teacher?

    Hi, folks. Happy new year! :) I'm wondering how dance teachers are paid? I'm looking at putting together several six-week courses for a few groups and we're looking for teachers, but despite spending far too many hours at studios, I've no idea how they are paid. My initial research shows...