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    Baltimore Tango Festival?

    I am actually planning to wear a black & white top with slim dress slacks... oops, I guess that might describe a bunch of tango dancers huh??? ... okay the top is a b&w circular pattern bubble type top...does that help??? I know, I know, its not as distinctive as Peaches... but the best that I...
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    Have you or are you attending the Barcelona Tango Festival in Oct/Nov?

    Just wondering if anyone has attended and your take on the festival.... some of us are thinking of "crossing the pond" to attend at the end of October... and wanted someone else's take on it. Thanks! p.s. Ochos Aires is playing at it one night... what FUN!!!
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    Question about non-dancing partners

    I had our regular bartender [female] at our Sunday milongas once say to me "I could never dance tango" I gave her the usual encouragement that she could certainly dance it with some lessons, and she said "no, I could never share my boyfriend like you do your husband on the dance floor". I just...
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    Baltimore Tango Festival?

    Anyone planning on attending the Baltimore Tango Festival next month featuring, amongst others, the teaching of Pablo Veron? I understand this is one of only two opportunities in 2008 for dancers in the United States to study under him. I...
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    Difference between shoes?

    Oh my god! Spoken like a TRUE tango shoe addict! I LOVE IT!
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    Tango to Evora

    I actually have that version copied into my iTunes. If you PM me your email I can send it to you as an attachment.
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    Teaching syllabus for AT - good idea?

    When we teach brand new to ATango people we teach it in the following order, not as a syllabus, just as a logical way for non-dancers to learn in an organized fashion: 1. 8 count basic [to build the rest on] 2. forward ocho from #5 [eye candy to keep them entertained and coming back] 3...
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    Your chance to "star" in upcoming ATango PBS Special!

    I am passing along an email I rec'd outlining an opportunity for tango dancers from all over the globe! While they will only make so many stops on their tour to find the dancers that will participate during the festival next year I would think that anyone that lives in close proximity to...
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    Famous people who tango?

    He does... he lives in northern Virginia and has renovated his stables into a gorgeous ballroom that was featured a few years back in Architectural Digest. Some of our tango community have been privleged enough to have been invited to dance there, but alas it was "before my time". I understand...
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    Practice, Practice, Practice

    I think it depends on where the lady is coming from, I know very experienced dance teachers that would do it all day long... although I know some of their students that HATE that they would do it all day long... so its a catch 22. Perhaps if you find a lady that is at the same level of tango...
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    What Shoes?

    The reason they are recommending closed toed shoes is so that you don't get them stepped on without protection! I NEVER bought closed toes ones as I don't like them! I survived.... Buy the shoes that feel good on your feet and bring a smile to your eyes... they will make your lessons and...
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    Keeping Track of Everything All at Once

    That, I am "afraid", comes pretty much just with practice and dancing. I think that one of the best things a teacher can do is to interupt a "pattern" by just stepping in front of a student on the practica floor, and leaving it up to the student to adjust and adapt his/her dancing from that...
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    AT Lessons: What are you working on?

    I know a lot of tango people talk about connection, but in this instance I don't think connection has anything to do with it. I know that most followers will nod their heads when I recount all the times that a lead puts us in a cross and then expects us to take the next step, in whichever...
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    Keeping Track of Everything All at Once

    My suggestion??? Forget the lengthy combination! Don't try to keep track of it all at once! Your tango will become tango when you take some choreographed routine that some teacher taught you and just pick it apart and use its bits and pieces in your own dancing. There is one lead in...
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    Floorcraft - leaving space behind a leader?

    To make it 8 count? LOL... Seriously, when we are teaching brand new to tango dancers we teach them the 8 count basic, including #1 just to keep it simple, and allow us a base to start building other simple moves. If they stick around to either still be with us, or to go on to one of...