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    When Selecting Music

    i dj in uk, mainly the forties scene but also for the swing dancers, i alway ask the question when booked, what sort of music do you want, and i try to fit in with my customers, however i am booked because of what i play, my music is english dance band from 1931 onwards which encompasses all...
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    ooh, thought that was just me and the missus.............. we get odd looks in asda sometimes.............!!!!!!
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    Birthday Dance

    we know as doing a "birthday boogie", always danced to birthday boogie by louis prima....... everyone just cuts in at will to swing with the birthday boy/girl!!!!! everyone else stands around clapping, hey its my wifes turn in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This or That?

    jaguar............... starsky or hutch???????
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    Whatcha listening to right now?

    artie shaw..... one night stand..... awesome! larry davidson....... excuse me waltz, sublime! benny goodman..... roll em, swing out hep cats!!!!
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    How are you, today?

    glowing in the bossom of my family............. sunday lunch, mothers day, great dancing last night, life is fine........... have a nice day y"all!!!!!
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    "Whoever started that should be horsewhipped!"

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    "Whoever started that should be horsewhipped!"

    lindy whip is a stylish lindy turn with slightly different hollywood style footwork, the tap on the back thingy sounds like a boring move called the helicopter..... a 180 degree turn by the follower(repeated over and over about five times) with the lead patting the back at each turn...... i...
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    What's on Your TV Right Now???

    international rugby, bit like your american football but without all the skateboard safety padding!!!!!!!!!!! played by real men with strange shaped ears...
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    Today I am wearing... club

    today, i have been mostly wearing, tweed, with a monocle and bow tie!!
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    The Weather Thread

    first sunny day in england today since last summer... gorgeous day!!!!!! as most english folks do, i intend to eat under cooked meat off the barbie and binge drink later on!!!!
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    Home practice area(s)?

    dining room area, weve moved the table out and have about 12 square feet of wooden floor, far too small now as we are doing real big swing outs and aerial stuff(doesnt help that we have a chandelier but luckily its me throwing her up not other way round!!!!!). weve just found a village hall...
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    What made you smile today?

    just finished work, social dance tonight, big swing event tomorrow night, plus a bonus, ive bought a collection of 77 artie shaw vinyl albums off e bay which im collecting tomorrow!!!!! big smiles.............
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    Son of So---How Was Your Dance Weekend?

    good night last night, mix of music, old time ballroom, american swing from twenties through to early fifties, nice crowd, good vibe, plus we raised over £1000 for local hospice... bonus!!!! sunday practice commences round about now...... have a nice day y"ALL!!!
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    Does partner dancing cause you to get sick often?

    never considered this spreading of infection malarcky through dancing. speaking personally i dont suffer from this, maybe its the hot chilli con carne and industrial strength lager that kill off the bugs????? mind you, i do dance mainly with my partner as opposed to rotating partners....