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    17 pairs of Comme il Faut Shoes just posted on Ebay

    Hi All, I am clearing out my shoe closet and just posted 17 pairs of comme il faut and neotango brand shoes on Ebay. They are sizes 8 mostly (2 pairs size 7) and are being auctioned in 3 lots of 5 pairs (bidding starts at only $50 for these), and 1 lot of 2 pairs (for the size 7s). You can...
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    teacher recs in SF Bay Area

    Ney Melo just moved to SF from NYC as well: www. neymelo. com He gives a beginner level group class on Tuesdays and often teaches pre-milonga classes at various loctions.
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    Which tango?

    probably DiSarli's El Amanacer? (Dawn) The violins make chirping noises
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    Classes in Buenos Aires

    Pablo and Dana speak english and sometimes conduct their classes 1/2 and 1/2. Very good classes with lots of technique. w w i think. aurora lubiz gives womens classes 1/2 english 1/2 spanish too.
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    Nuevo and Classic

    Personally, I prefer classic tangos to dance to. To me, electronic tango is electronic music with some bandoneons, not tango music with an electronic beat. I like to hear it at lounges (or in starbucks where they often play it!) but for dancing it is just too monotonous and I get bored. Cassic...
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    17 All New Tango Performance Videos Online (various dancers)

    Wow, nice! You move really nicely :) I would never have known the floor was slippery... And the shoes look fantastic!
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    17 All New Tango Performance Videos Online (various dancers)

    I just posted 2 new performance videos of myself and my partner (Ney Melo & Jennifer Bratt) on Click here if you'd like to check them out! : We have also just uploaded 14 other improvised performance videos by various dancers on...
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    New Tango Shoe Website (can be salsa shoe too)

    Maleva Shoes has been bringing Comme il Faut tango shoes to ladies around the country for over 3 years now, since shortly after the brand launched and we spotted these unique shoes on the dance floors of Buenos Aires. Comme il Fauts are the Manolo Blahniks of tango footwear: ultra-chic...
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    Styling: Head/Hair Whip

    Yes, that clip is exactly what i'm talking about - thanks! Looks like I'll have to work on the timing and snapping up straight, or to the side, not back. ouch...
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    Styling: Head/Hair Whip

    thanks boriken!
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    Styling: Head/Hair Whip

    Hello, No, it is not spotting, and it is not whipping your hair into the guys face. it is actually just the opposite. after the turn (which she also spots during), the lady quickly does what looks like a quick head roll in the direction of the turn that just finished, causing her hair to...
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    Styling: Head/Hair Whip

    Hello, I often see ladies whip their hair at the end of a turn and think it looks so cool. Any one have any pointers for someone trying to learn how to do this? thanks!
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    Your favourite Tango Song

    I think they play di Sarli for beginners because the beat is really strong and slow. Sometimes I think it is too slow - it makes all the guys start walking like they are on the chain gang! :lol: But it is very easy to hear and some of the songs are nice. I know a teacher who puts on milonga...
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    cutting off Latin shoes

    I tried it once with a kitchen knife. :lol: It didn't look so great afterwards but I did wear them sometimes after doing it and you couldn't really tell once I had them on. The edges were jagged, and the sole has layers of material stuck together so you can see the 'strata' I guess you could...
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    Newbie question about how to lead

    I totally agree with what Fun said above. You can use your arms as part of the embrace, but not seperately. I love it when leaders encircle me with a warm hug and move me around inside it. That does feel like telepathy! I hate it when I feel manipulated by their hand on my back or pushed...