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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    Thanks! I will see how light they are and go from there...
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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    I ordered a pair. I think there were two left in stock -- but I needed practice shoes and can't spring for three pairs of shoes right before Christmas. lol...bad enough I sprung for two!
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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    Thanks; I will have to try these on and see if they work. It just gnaws at me because I was so used to the Cirrus shoes....I'm so set in my ways with them.
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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    Thank you.
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    IDS vs. Ray Rose vs. Aida Latin Shoes

    Hi all....Haven't been around in a while but need some shoe advice. I have an extremely narrow foot and have worn Ray Rose Cirrus in the past, however they are being discontinued and I need something to replace them with. Does anyone have a super narrow foot? I even go down an extra 1/2 size...
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    Word Association

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    Lunch Time Club!

    with. And I found that they blended easier for me if I added them after I started to blend the other ingredients a bit. you'll chuckle; I think I read (on your blog?) that the papaya is very good for the skin, so I took some of what was left and used it as a scrub!
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    How are you, today?

    *lol* way to use those a's!
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    Facebook or Myspace

    so, how do we find you??? ;)
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    Word Association

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    Lunch Time Club!

    Falafel roll up and Sam's famous papaya/raspberry smoothie (added a few sprigs of mint to it). Yummy. Thanks for the recipe!
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    *lol* That reminds me of those cards (like baseball cards) that were around in the 70's that had the play on all the major product names (like Liptorn tea....). Remember those?? Geez...
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    DWTS Week 4

    That is hysterical. He will forever be associated with a beer to some. I have to say, my one gripe about the show was that they didn't announce the names of those dancers. I think it shortchanged them a bit. And I really enjoyed the VW routine. Very nice job with the choreography.
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    gratitude thread

    nice, hkk! Did you get it in that timeframe where you can get a tax credit for buying a new car? We got this 4 page memo from our accountant at work with all the little tax-break nuggets...and buying a new car (in a certain timeframe) was one of them. Grateful for neighbors being around...