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    Emerald Ball 2016...

    I'm here scrutineering, so stop by and say hi in our little "office" corner if you're here!
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    USA Dance resignations

    "USA Dance" did not fold all the NQE's on the West Coast, as they are not run by the USA Dance National office, they were run by chapters and individuals who could not get the necessary entries to be able to afford to run these events any longer. Also, bailamosdance, since you dance Champ/Open...
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    Are IDB Dance Camps Still Happening?

    Yes, IDB will be back in 2015, from July 1-5. The new organizers just took over in the past two weeks, so we're in the process of getting everything updated and transferred. Give us another week or two and all the details will be up and running.
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    MAC 2015's that "couple hours free" part that is the tough part. :) We have Friday done and reviewed. Saturday is built, but needs to be reviewed and Sunday is being built today. It is not an easy schedule to build...
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    MAC 2015

    We've provided them to the DanceSport Council, but will not be posting them.
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    MAC 2015

    We will not be releasing the list of officials and adjudicators. You'll just have to attend/compete to find out who they are. Speaking of which..we are just 8 days away from the closing of registration for the MAC, the time to register is NOW! Also, please make sure to renew your USA Dance...
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    MAC 2015

    Joe isn't involved with the Maryland DanceSport my knowledge...
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    MAC 2015

    Actually, if you join and/or renew now (this started Dec 1), it is good through Dec 2015. So everyone should start renewing and joining now.
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    MAC 2015

    Interesting suggestions Joe...something we could consider in future years.
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    2014 National Collegiate DanceSport Championship

    This could be because this was a very diverse group of judges this year from different parts of the country and different styles of expertise than before. I would love to take a look at some of the events that you saw some of the most diverse marks in so that we can take a look at them. Could...
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    2014 National Collegiate DanceSport Championship

    We have a lot of great guys and gals that step up to lead people at the comp that don't have partners. It's something I love about the comp, we work hard to make sure everyone gets at least a chance to dance!
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    Empire Dance Championships

    Can't wait to see you there! :)
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    Manhattan Dancesport 2014

    I accept that challenge! :)
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    Manhattan Dancesport 2014

    I miss being there and beating Tibor on posting all the results round by round onto Dance Forums :)
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    Canadians & USA Dance

    As long as you are a member of DanceSport Canada, which is a member of the WDSF, you can compete at any USA Dance competition except for our National Competition. Does your organization issue you a membership card that you can bring with you to show at the competitions?