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    Any suggestions on how to walk backwards (for the man) ?

    Hey I'm just a student, but this might help. You mentioned that the embrace helps. Usually in an embrace you're pushing your spine backwards which helps with stability because you're putting the different centers of gravity in your body into closer alignment. Think like a ballerina position...
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    Efficient Movement in Dance

    I'm curious what your experiences are with efficiency of your dance movement? I recently agreed to do several performances with my pro (anything for free training, right?) :) After drilling and drilling and then concentrating on making myself relax during the performances, I found that I...
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    favorite feeling in dance

    Yes, when it feels like you're dancing with the wind ... or maybe dancing like the wind ...
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    Help and speed up recovery?

    I just had 4 days of very intense training sessions, I felt very strong during practice. Now my body has lost it's explosiveness and I feel I need to rest. Aside from rest, what else do you do to help and speed up recovery?
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    Any effective tips for someone who has a weak lead?

    I have a good friend who dances like this. She wants the guy to "dance" her around, so we're always arguing, in a friendly manner, over my lead and her follow. My coach gets annoyed because dancing with my friend inevitably screws up my lead - my hands become too strong and insensitive. So, at...
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    When to take small steps

    Same here, my latin dancing really improved when I focused on taking smaller steps. My coach doesn't actually call it smaller steps. She gave me exercises for better body and leg control, the result was smaller steps.
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    Problems learning dance

    Hi Steve, Was in the same boat as you when I started. Here's how I look at my dance training now: 1. Group classes are places to learn a few things at a time. The teacher probably mentioned 15 things, I will only hear the 6 things that I am ready to hear. And then I will only remember the 3...
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    ballroom music and technology - what works best?

    Djay works on the iPod Touch, but not the mini iPods.
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    ballroom music and technology - what works best?

    Music Library: iTunes, I like that I can easily create playlists of all types and load them onto my music players. Buying music online is a breeze ... maybe a little too easy. Sound System: Bose SoundDock. I like that it's ultra portable and still has great sound. Built-in battery...
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    Reasons why I am awesome

    I can't even think of a reason "Why" I'm awesome because I've always been awesome. Even if you gave me an example of something that is Not awesome so I could compare & contrast, I wouldn't be able to relate. :rofl: That is pretty dang awesome, as is this thread, and all the rest of you people.
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    This video amazes me...

    Hilarious. There's also a Jive and Samba version on YouTube. Though it looks like they've gotten good enough to have their own stage and perform ;)
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    Ballroom Parties

    The bane of every party ... men to women ratios. Whoever figures out how to solve this should win a Nobel Prize.
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    Ballroom Parties

    That's correct. We figured we'd try to use the space and see what happens.
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    funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing

    This was our baptism into really starting to compete ... My partner and I were preparing for a competition on our own because our coach had left town for a couple of weeks, so we arranged for a visiting coach to come in and make sure we were on the right track with the new choreography. When...
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    Ballroom Parties

    Thanks to everyone with comments on the beginners/practice area. That really helped to fine tune the idea, I'll try to incorporate that into the event to see if it will help attract more people or if it will be shot down in flames. :) Right now I'm going have a sign that says Practice Space...