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    Has anyone here ever left tango for a period of time?

    there were six months when I practised alone and didn't go to the one local milonga... I just didn't like the scene for some reason which I now forget the same town I live in, has three weekly milongas, lots more dancers and the dancers have really gotten good over the past couple of...
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    Any suggestions on how to walk backwards (for the man) ?

    this guy..a paragon of the social dance..agrees with..
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    Interview with Jennifer Bratt

    I'm not able to understand all of these posts very well but I'd like add that my intention from the beginning of my dancing was to dance apillado = supposedly milonguero style...and I've found that once I got to around the three years mark, I was no longer leaning forward at all on my partner...
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    What do you wish you knew when you started dancing? A beginner's point of view...

    I wish that when I started I could have distinguished the difference between the social dance movements and performance movements... it took two years before I realized that the social dance only needed a few figures; walking, back ochos, walk to the cross, giros... to be a complete and...
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    Any suggestions on how to walk backwards (for the man) ?

    thanks for all the thoughtfull input... my walking backwards doesn't seem to be a problem at all now when I am dancing with a, I'm grateful for that and enjoying it a lot !... my 'problem' only occurred when practicing alone as I want to practice the difficult parts of the dance... I...
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    A sudden experience: visualization of steps

    Wow, this is an amazing coincidence... I've been dancing five years and always with close embrace. I believe it has happened before but just yesterday for the first time, with my eyes open, I realized that I was watching a sort of TV monitor of just our feet on the floor...sort of illuminated...
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    Web-site for WIDE Tango or Ballroom shoes?

    This is dangerous advice for those who are aging and who isn't? As the heel thins with age we are vulnerable to a condition called Plantar Fascitus (sp?). This condition is quite prone to occur in dancers also and very painfull. Only a good arch and heel will help protect a man from this...
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    following or 'dancing the woman's role'?

    I would never ask a woman who leads to dance..Because, always at some point, she will lead a step, even if it's only for an instant while coming out of an ocho cortado .. the smallest such intrusion will completely ruin the illusion of the dance for me... as would a woman who anticipates a step.
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    What do you wish you knew when you started dancing? A beginner's point of view...

    I wish I had never taken another class past my first several with a close embrace teacher....
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    following or 'dancing the woman's role'?

    Im one of these isn't patronising it's just the dance as some others see it... the male leads and the woman follows... I've had one woman yell out on the dance 'I will not submit' when she couldn't begin to dictate the dance... I guess male and female roles are now 'out' in correct...
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    Any suggestions on how to walk backwards (for the man) ?

    thanks.. I will double check the sides and the hip/shoulder
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    Do you stick to the style you´ve once learned?

    I dance a simple traditional close-embrace..with emphasis on dancing to the music and the embrace...I was lucky to start with a simple traditional style teacher and although I took a slew of classes from the other styles because I thought that maybe they had something special, I always returned...
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    Any suggestions on how to walk backwards (for the man) ?

    I like to walk backwards whenever I can in the social dance...I usually only go 3 to 5 steps when I have room and the added stability of the embrace seems to help... however, when I practise walking backwards alone at home, it's a different story... very hard to maintain balance and not wobble...
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    Music and Candencia

    These are just some of my musings about the candencia in the AT dance....I'm offering that; by candencia it is generally agreed that the person is dancing with the whole body..not just with the legs... and of course within the good fundamentals of the dance but not rigidly so... It has been my...
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    Cabeceo promotes better dancing

    wow, that's not going to be an easy video to make but please do try, and good luck at it, too !~