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    What made you smile today?

    My mother's hat!
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    Favorite Salsa Songs

    I like "El Sol de la Noche - Salsa Celtica"
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    Easy Now

    I think your song is: Fats Waller - Take it easy
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    Samba Roll

    Very good! I think you are great! :)
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    Dance crepe

    I like it! :)
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    Tea Dance

    Tea Dance is my favourite Dance in the world! :D
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    Coordination Exercises

    Yes, in learning salsa dancing, exercises are very useful!
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    Tango Walks

    AT Walk is very different from ballroom Tango Walk!
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    It's wonderful!
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    "Cadencia" revisited

    Cadencia it's only move your body with cadence...
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    I wear always fishnets for my comp and it' a good choice for me!
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    Larinda McRaven The Dancer

    Good work! I like it! =)