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    West Coast Shoes

    Fyi Just so you know, we have a few of the Stephanie sandals left in stock and they are 50% off this week (shipping charges apply). Please feel free to call the store after 1:00 pm on Wednesday to check available inventory (888) 671-1857 toll free Mawmaw
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    50% Off Sale at COCO'S Ballroom Boutique

    Everything in our store is on sale for one week. All costumes are 50% off as well as practice wear, jewelry, fishnets, and more. Ray Rose and Werner Kern dance shoes are 25% off. Shipping charges will apply. This is a great time to buy a costume. Most are being sold below our cost...
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    Ladies We need help with Practice Shoes

    We have just recently added the Lorna Lee in our store. We really like it and I think it is going to be a great addition to Ray Rose's practice shoe line. BTW, the Breeze is awesome! We sell a lot of them. Another good practice shoe that is very flexible and comfortable is the Capezio...
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    Costume Color Advice

    I think the color of your costume is very important, but it also is about the design and which one flatters your figure. I have heard it said that a dress seeks it's owner and when you put on that "right" dress you will know it. When that happens, it is not always the color that you expected...
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    Rolling Ankle .... is this normal?

    You know it could be that the shoe is faulty. We run in to that from time to time. I have pulled shoes out of the box and put them on display to find that one of the shoes will not even sit on the shelf correctly without tipping over. We know immediately that the shoe is faulty and we send it...
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    Rolling Ankle .... is this normal?

    emeralddancer, just a thought... could it be that your shoes are a bit too big. Is your right foot slightly larger than your left? Your shoe may fit your right foot fairly well but be a bit too large on your left foot. This might cause movement in your left shoe which could affect stability...
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    latin dress w/bugle-bead fringe-can I wash it?

    lemonade - I just read this thread in that I have been so busy I haven't been on in a while, but I wanted to tell you I wash my bugle beads costumes frequently. I hand wash them in cold water with a very mild detergent. I use Dreft baby detergent or something similar. I would not use Tide...
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    Wine Thread

    I just tried Conundrum for the first time. I do not usually drink white wines but this one was great! Not too sweet and not to dry. A great blend. It was wonderful on a hot Florida afternoon. I would love to know if anyone else has tried it????
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    Difference in dress?

    latingal is probably right. I do not have any experience with figure skating costumes but I know we have sold and rented several of our costumes to figure skaters. If you look on Zhanna Kens website, she designs for both so you could take a look at the difference. Also, you can always rent as...
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    Shoes for long arch

    You pose an interesting question. What heel height do you wear? I assume 2.5". What brands have you tried? I can only give you feed back on the brands we sell and what I wear. Others will have to suggest other brands, however, Werner Kern shoes run larger than other UK sized shoes. They...
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    quotes thread...

    I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.... Jessica Rabbit
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    Would anyone be willing to rent me a latin dress?

    If anyone else is having this problem, please pm me!:headwall:
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    Ray Rose Latin Shoes - sizing

    You can order any of Ray Rose's Latin shoes (other than the Carmen) in the dark flesh satin color that the Landslide and Avalanche comes in. There is also a new color for the Carmen (gold & silver) and the Blizzard can be ordered in white, and it is beautiful!
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    DFers in Orlando, Florida

    Dance Orlando is great. Thursday nights at 7:30 Jennifer DeLuca gives West Coast Swing group classes! And it is a blast!
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    standard shoes that don't hurt

    Another good choice is the Ray Rose Landslide. It has a rounded toe box as opposed to the Ray Rose Avalanche that has a pointed toe box. But the standard shoe that everyone says is by far the most comfortable is the Werner Kern Laura (even in the 6.5 cm heel)!