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    Biggest mistakes by beginner dancers

    You made some great points and definitely some stuff I left out about timing and positioning. on the above listed topic though I will explain how I believe they are all very independent of each other. Leading from center: This is a huge focus on positioning and getting leads away from the...
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    Ballroom WCS?

    The question is not learning ballroom first, the problem is that many ballroom instructors have never danced WCS in 10 years. The dance has evolved and changed, we use to coaster and bounce around like it was jive, so many instructors are stil teaching this old school style. WCS has not had a...
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    Biggest mistakes by beginner dancers

    This is a list I have created from experince as an instructor and dancer. I have found that once these topics are resolved in beginner dancers, their dancing takes leaps and bounds: Leads: not leading from center (push and pull) not providing momentum and direction Over dancing not sharing the...
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    WCS West Coast Swing styling issue

    I beleive you should only step to the side if you have not reached your full compression yet you find yourself ontop of your partner. moving to the side allows you to continue your momentum and absord the compression before being redirected backward Now as a lead, you can step, tripple, lunge...
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    Degree of difficulty in WCS

    I'll add to this discussion with this... West Coast Swing is a 50/50 dance. each partner is responsible for their part. One of the aspects that makes it so unique and entertaining. You add your own personality to the dance. As a Lead who can also follow, I am a firm believer that the "LEAD" only...
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    West Coast Dance Challenge??

    WCDC Event I attended and competed in most of the J&J as well as strictly. I enjoyed the event. Having been to a few events in the past I can make the following recommendations to enhance the event. 1. Notify the hotel that there will be a significant increase in their workload and to...
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    Word Association

    My garlic bread
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    Club Dancing Index (Includes Grinding)

    ok, a little help... have fun, don't sweat it. If you have fun and you are in a club that doesn't play structured dance type music, you can get by. All you need to do is dance to your ability and not force anything, remember that you should dance to your partners level when social dancing and...
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    Partner wanted

    Ok, I used to compete but not sure if i want to get back into it, i do want to start dancing again and taking some more classes, Looking for a female with intermediate to advanced west coast abilities and lives near the Seattle area. We can discuss competition...
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    Your Favorite Tunes for: WEST COAST SWING

    ok, i like this song by Jay Booker called "Hot red sweater" only i don't have it and get this,... that thing is virtually impossible to find on the internet, if anyone has it, please e-mail me. Other then that one, my favorite to dance to is probably "How do you like me now" by Celinda Pink
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    Las Vegas Dancehalls?

    place on the strip ok, can't exactly remember the hotel hang on, there is a small country club owned by Toby Keith i believe it is, they have a medium sized floor and it's more bar vs club but the night i went there was a live band that played a lot of country and a lot of Blues which was...