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    Salsa in San Fran?

    if you want recommendations on any given night send me a message and i'll gladly tell you; sometimes salsacrazy's calendar has a few choices for the same evening.
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    Improving Technique

    africana, i can't think of anybody i like watching more than you for your flavor and thing i notice now that you mention it is that you don't tend to spot in turns or spins. it doesn't seem to be an issue for you but you could try it more..the other thing junior has been emphasizing...
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    Congress experiences

    yay, back at home now, time to catch up on sleep and start eating healthy again; those 5am eating sessions before bed gave me a belly :). wow, what a difference from last year for me..last congress i had been dancing for 2 months and it was very overwhelming..this time i only took two workshops...
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    also i'll be arriving friday afternoon so if people would like to meet on friday or saturday at the marriott please let me know. xo, meaganne
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    LA congress room sharing for a sweet guy? hey there lovelies, if anyone has space for a polite sweetheart of a guy from friday night through sunday night please pm me; he'd like to share expenses rather than get his own room somewhere. thanks!
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    hi guys, for those of you who might not be up at 4am friday or saturday, and still want to meet everyone, i'm down for a late breakfast or late lunch one of the days. eating at 4am messes me up but i want to see you guys somehow anyway :).
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    sorry dena, i agree with you about exchanging pics :oops: i think to be fair i'll give you guys 2; one with dolled up evening makeup on and one schleppy picture so you'll recongize me in the daytime ;)
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    well, for one, we could all post our picture, or pm them to each other; that's how i met beto. i saw him walking by in the hotel lobby and recognized him from a wee photo. also, if everyone is staying at the marriott, i think meeting in the lobby wouldn't be too difficult, likely in the morning...
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    beto, this time since i know you, sign me up to be in your cuddle harem .:ladiesma:
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    you can add me to the list lita, of course i'll dance with you, unless it's nearing 4am; in that case you'll have to barely do any patterns and just keep me from falling over from sleep deprivation ;).
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    On1 to on5, on2 to on6

    i am one of those people who still count in my head, i want to get to the place where i don't, so when a guy switches like that i notice and like when they switch us back. often it's my fault anyway for getting us on the opposite timing. i would rather he switch between 1 and 2 timings rather...
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    What to do when your lead is not in time to music

    i've been taught to try to follow them the best i can, but in my case if they are slightly fast, i make them wait a bit to be on time. but for those "in between beaters" it's really hard for me, it ends up not being very smooth. i would never stop the dance and demo the correct time to a...
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    i'll be there friday afternoon through monday morning and i'm definitely down for a DF meet up!
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    Salsa clubs/instructors in Paris?

    thanks a lot alias for that info, that's very helpful. i speak some spanish, and am learning some basics in french. the latest plan is to be there in june, then possibly go back for longer in september. hope to see you in the clubs :)
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    Salsa Dancing--What to Wear?

    definitely wear the shoes that give you the most comfort and stability. i don't know how women wear 3 inch spike heels all night, honestly. i usually wear my dance heels then sometimes change into dance sneakers or jazz shoes if i'm wearing jeans if i've been dancing for hours. and don't forget...