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    Jazz, hip hop, rap, classical music and dance

    I'm a little confused. What is the actual link to your website? Mark
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    Weirdest Dancing Props

    I'm intersted to know what sort of props you guys have used for dancing. A few I know of of, a walking stick (for singing in the rain and old style dancing), a pole (for pole dancing), ribbon for gymnastics. But what is the weirdest dancing prop you've ever used or seen :P Mark
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    See this kid play a dance game. (DDR)

    WOW, that kid really can dance. I'm in shock. That just adds to the statement that the younger generations are more into technology than the older :P ;) Mark
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    Your favourite chocolate

    Well I know you're all dancers and probably keep in very good shape but everyone enjoys a bit of chocolate once in a while..... don't they? :P Well my favourite has to be cadburies chocolate. I know that Galaxy seems to be getting very popular and I do agree it tastes quite nice, but I still...
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    How did you learn to swing?

    Just wondering how you all learnt to swing. I am thinking of starting it up but don't know whether to just follow instructions o na website or actually get proper lessons. So how did you all get into it and learn? Mark