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    Salsa in Philadelphia?

    Yes, I'll be visiting friends/family late next week, so thought I'd try to coordinate a little outing on Fri or Sat night. I will look into those clubs as well - I appreciate your take on things!
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    Salsa in Philadelphia?

    Thanks! I will check those out - I had them bookmarked actually but hadn't gotten to them yet =) Which are your favorite spots?
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    Salsa in Philadelphia?

    Any recommendations? I've heard of Brasil's and Cuba Libre... I love a blend of music - merengue, bachata, salsa... Thanks! Melissa
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    Salsa (including Cuban!) in New Orleans? Help!

    I'll be in New Orleans late June - early July and am wondering if there is anything going on in NOLA - I've heard of the Freddy Omar band but -- is that it? It can't be! Google yielded barely anything -- suggestions? Note - I will not have a car and will be staying in the French Quarter so...
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    Why some women are not asked to dance

    salsa superficiality = yes. I ABSOLUTELY agree. The salsa scene, with which I am much more familiar than the tango scene, is quite superficial. I am not completely UNSuperficial -- I think it's not quite appropriate when guys come to dances with sunglasses, big sweatshirts, whatever (yes...
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    Happy tango thought

    moonlight & peaches The Moonlight Sonata is lovely. I tinkle that on my digital piano now and again. I have a little dream of dancing to Gidon Kremer's "Oblivion" -- those melodramatic strings ... ahhh. So Peaches ... I got to dance with Ampster! =D Melissa
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    Tango shoes as street shoes

    I wouldn't recommend wearing suede-soled shoes outside. But if they are leather soles you are probably fine. Just take care if it's inclement weather.
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    Tao of Tango

    I just got this from my local library - just for fun. Has anyone read it? It is short and will be by my bedside for the next few nights while I read it. The Tao of Tango - by Johanna Siegmann Melissa
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    Tango newbie tips?

    heh! Ampster: I agree. It will happen sooner or later, I promise. Maybe a few more lessons and a practica first. *tries to bolster courage* Peaches: I can't afford privates, but will likely take group classes in salon style from another local instructor. =)
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    Tango newbie tips?

    A scientist?! I work with scientists. You are all trouble. ;-) I don't think I'm overstepping my ochos. The leads are sort of stalling in their forward momentum -- they are losing their intention. The main problem I have with feet is bumping the lead's right foot with mine in the right...
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    What is this style of tango called?

    Gracias =)
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    Tango newbie tips?

    Thank you to everyone who is replying (and flirting, you naughties) in this thread. =) I am going to go back and read carefully. I have a bad tendency to skim through threads then go back and digest more fully. The instructor of my class started us out just mirroring each other, no arms at...
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    Tango newbie tips?

    Well hi there! How will I know it's you? =) Are you volunteering to dance with a slightly off-balance new follow? How do you recommend I tell leads that I am a beginner? Just state it flat out? I have the tango schedule printed out on my fridge for when I find the courage to go! Melissa
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    Tango newbie tips?

    I just completed my first 5- week group class series in Argentine tango. We learned basic walking, left and right turns, ochos, and ocho cortado. Although I have years of experience with other social dances (salsa, cumbia, merengue, bachata, chacha, swing, zydeco), learning to put weight...
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    Dumb Question - Lyrics for "Picoteando Por Ahi"?

    Thank you so much! =)