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    Be truthful now....

    Sorry but I find your comment low half etc very insulting and it seems that people don't want to have a nice chat on here without having constant to that effect I have asked to be taken off.
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    Be truthful now....

    Just for fun:) how many followers at whatever level still sometimes anticipate.....consciously or subconsciously?
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    ................. As a beginner and total newbie I thought I would just write and share my experiences with what I felt and saw. Of course I know and understand that it is more beautiful for a couple to do even just walking to a beautiful piece of music and if they do it beautifully it looks...
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    Oh my goodness, so many words to describe the weekend that me and hubby have just experienced, thrilling/wonderful/engaging/passionate/inspiring/exciting....and on the other side exasperating/maddening/nervewracking/intimidating just words that describe what we felt. A wonderful bootcamp for...
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    Its a minefield!!!!

    Oh my goodness, who would have thought that simply wanting to and trying to learn a dance could be so or such a minefield of do's/don'ts/whys and wherefores of all aspects of the dance from the discussion of origin, what types of tangos there the the the...
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    Whilst learning?

    Whilst learning were you/are you a person that needed/needs every step broken down and learnt abc etc or are you one of the people that finds that more difficult and can just be shown a few times in dance form, then copy and learn it that way. I am of the latter, break it down for me and I'm...
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    Disparaging comments...

    Honest to goodness, learning the tango is hard en ough in itself but this week.....hubby and I went to usual class and as usual we changed partners, we have more experienced dancers to help us learn which is all very nice and most are kind, encouraging etc. In fact one chap whom I was dancing...
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    How many hours lessons?

    No, not yet......practicing a lot though before we take the plunge.
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    How many hours lessons?

    How many hours lessons do you before one would be and feel comfortable dancing at a milonga or is it a case of give it a go?
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    Anyone been on dance holidays?

    Love to hear about it.....where etc.
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    Using different dance instructors?

    Thank you for all your replies...they are very interesting and actually say a lot about what we are both thinking....we are being taught chest to chest or apilado I think it is called? We are enjoying the journey and as for me I amloving the fact that hubby is now able to really take the lead...
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    Using different dance instructors?

    I was wondering do you think it ok to use two different dance instructors at two different dance schools ...I ask because hubby and I love it and one hour a week does not seem enough and we were thinking about going elsewhere one night of the week too but do you think the instructions would...
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    Light in the box?

    Has anybody purchased latin dance shoes from this global sight and if so are they any good. Have been having a good look and it seems you get what you pay for but some of the reviews seem people are satisfied....oh! and do you necessarily need arch support in your shoes. The ones I have now...
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    Tango and the aging woman

    Just found and joined this site...what a maze of information. Anway me and hubby have recently started tango lessons and are thoroughly enjoying it. He was I must admit a tad hesitant at first. As for me well the heading says it all:(....there was I feeling down, frumpy, looks starting to...