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    The Ultimate Dance Partner

    Sagitta, I knew this wouldn't be the most popular topic. But, I thought I would give a those dancers who believe their dancing affects them spiritually. I must admit I have pretty much kept my Christian beliefs away from Dance Forums. But, I'm not here to condemn anybody..from...
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    Why don't guys dance?

    Re: A word from a non-dancing guy Dirty_hound, With all due of respect...I almost jumped out of my seat when I read that guys who dance are more in touch with their feminine side. For me, there has been anything more masculine..then dancing salsa with a woman. I hate that this...
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    The Ultimate Dance Partner

    Hello DFers, I thought this was an interesting article about dance & spirituality..especially from a Christian perspective. What do you think?|CHID74|CIID110882%2C00.html
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    Macho (Dancing) Men

    Thank you, Motardmom...I so agree! That's one of reasons I love dancing salsa. :D :D :D
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    JUST there to dance? Not about meeting people?

    I agree with you, Hothouse Salsero. I've had better luck meeting a woman when I decided to seize the moment and ask her out. To me dancing is about socializing and there's nothing wrong with that. I believe we place so much expectations(I have done this in the past) on meeting that...
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    Does Groping Really Happen A Lot While Out Dancing?

    Cocodrilo, I can understand your astonishment with this post. However, I was just stunned by the responses from the other post "Are Salsas Dancers Out in the Wild Bored." I must admit when I was 15 or 16 and when I would go dancing I would playfully squeeze a girl's butt and pretend I...
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    Does Groping Really Happen A Lot While Out Dancing?

    I wanted to follow up from the post. "Are Salsa Dancers Out In The Wild Bored." On quite a few of the posts, the women responded to the bored looked on their faces as a defense keep guys from groping them. I'm not naive..but I dance to have a good time and enjoy the woman...
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    I am currently listening to ...

    Yeah, got it! :D
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    DF's Commandments of Salsa -- Our Dance

    Passion, I'm glad you like our commandments! They should be printed, posted, and passed out at all salsa events! :D :D
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    Are salsa dancers out in the wild bored?

    I must admit I have seen that look for some Latinas when I've dance with them. However, once they see I can dance..their faces relax and they enjoy dancing with me. Hothouse Salsero, I still get quite a few Latino & Latinas surprised that I dance salsa/merengue. I'm black!!! As a matter of...
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    Telephone Pet Peeves

    Peachexploration, I agree with you on the Call Waiting! When I'm phone with to me and then when the conversation is finished..then go to your other call. CALL WAITING..UGGHHHH!!! Also, when you call a business(I know I work for Wells Fargo) and you're caught in Automated...
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    Dance Deprived Wives

    DWise1, I agree with Blue. Don't linger on the subject too long. Women have ability to read our thoughts. They can sense when a subject is touchy..but they still will ask to see how we respond. A little test! I have learned this one the hard way..and as a man..I can still slip up...
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    Dance Deprived Wives

    Pygmalion, I couldn't resist that are correct! :lol: Thanks for your answers! I'm learning more about women the older I get! OR MAYBE NOT!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Songs that guarantee a good dance fix

    I totally agree, Vin! Cocodrilo, I'm glad your ordered it! I was just listening to it in the car today. It was nice Saturday in San Antonio and I was bobbing my head while driving.
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    Dance Deprived Wives

    Pygmalion, You are correct! I see it quite a bit when I go out dancing. Men sit with their wives at the nightclub. The men are drinking beer or liquor and the wives are moving to the music..eager to dance. But..I'm not going there..because that leads to nothing but trouble. Also, I've...