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    Peach smooth dress for sale
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Having a blast learning brand new smooth routines with my new old partner (broke up due to location reasons, back in the same area 5 years later). I used to hate learning choreography but I guess years of experience has made it much easier for me to pick up. In a couple more weeks before our...
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    wdsf and blackpool latin choreography

    I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe Blackpool is just its own thing and not officially affiliated with WDC. That said, the preferred aesthetics from the Blackpool judging panel is more old-school and in-line with the WDC style than the WDSF style.
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    Standard Dresses

    Has anyone else noticed a trend with red standard dresses? Like way more than there used to be...which is unfortunate cause I wanted one for a while, but don't want to blend in with a sea of red gowns.
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    Competition Makeup

    I re-use them until them get too gross/mangled or I get too lazy to clean them off.
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    Competition Outfit: to what extent is a practice dress ok?

    Haha I know them personally and was about to message them to get a quote/range. Thanks for the reply, though!
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    Competition Outfit: to what extent is a practice dress ok?

    Does anyone know of good designers/companies that make affordable plain costumes? Like, high-quality fit/fabric, just not stoned. Stuff that doesn't look obviously like practicewear. I suppose you can always request that as a custom job, but I have a feeling the cost would be still pretty high.
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    Competitors need a tan?

    Nah, you definitely need stuff that's made for the body so it doesn't transfer and holds up to sweat, etc.
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    Competitors need a tan?

    Depends on how dark you are naturally and what style you dance. Certainly possible in standard if you are of at least medium complexion. Maybe you could try the body makeup approach - Aery Jo or Sally Hansen leg makeup products.
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    For Sale: Teal Smooth Dress, size S-M

    I'm selling a gorgeous teal smooth dress, size 6-8/S-M, suitable for heights 5'1-5'5, 5'3 would be ideal (I am 5'5.5 and it is a little short on me). The dress features a metallic fabric and a leaf design motif with crystal AB and blue zircon Swarovski stones. The built-in bodysuit is tan...
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    I think it's achievable in the collegiate circuit in the US (can't speak to the UK), if you have excellent mentors and coaches and take lots of private lessons. Having some sort of dance background (ballet) or training in martial arts certainly helps to accelerate things, in terms of body...
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    Competition Hair

    That is indeed how you do it. It's just a normal thin hairnet, the kind you'd find at a drugstore. You can also do multiple ponytails for more intricate swirl designs, if you have enough hair. I did a quick search on Youtube and here's an example, starting around 2:25:
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    Competition Makeup

    Fair enough. As long as it looks decent from far away, that's all that matters! If it helps you feel better at all, like it or not, the whole grooming aspect is totally an integral part of competitive dance, so it's kind of like practicing for that...
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    Competition Makeup

    Out of curiosity, what did you end up doing for your competition?
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    Do you order dancewear and shoes from overseas?

    I always buy shoes from the UK, after I have tried them on in person and knowing that they work for me. The prices vary depending on exchange rates (the pound-to-dollar exchange rate is awesome right now!) and sales. I have bought from Dancesport UK, Dance-Shop, and DuoDance. The price...