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    why is a couple like valentin/daria amateur?

    And now for my serious post... By "non-teachers", are you referring to students? If yes, then I would say yes, of course it's because non-teachers want a chance to win on a national or international level. (I'm definitely a "non-teacher", considering that I'm a Bronze level student, and I...
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    why is a couple like valentin/daria amateur?

    First off, a tongue-in-cheek post... What's wrong with calling some people semi-pros, is that they would have to start posing for photos like this: :p
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    why is a couple like valentin/daria amateur?

    I think part of the confusion (at least for me, initially), is the disparity/confusing usage of the word "amateur". For example, there seems to be agreement that top amateur couples make a living through dance. Basically, they are working professionals (in the vein of an accountant or...
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    Dancing at franchise studio and a Dancesport studio?

    Be very careful when taking lessons simultaneously both within and outside of a franchise studio... depending on the owner of the franchise, your franchise studio may look down upon taking lessons from anyone else outside of their studio. For example, at my former franchise studio, there were...
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    Top pro/am dancers

    Depends on what category you're dancing. In my syllabus single dances, it's just me that gets judged (the Am), but in scholarships and championships, you're judged as a couple, even in Closed Bronze... which is apparently why I keep losing to those girl Ams with their male Pros... :cry:
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    I-Pad? should I? or shouldn't I?

    Both a pro and a con: If you are tech savvy (which I know you already said both of you aren't), iPads, being an Apple product, tend to be devices that are walled gardens, which means that there is less customizability to get things exactly how you want. On the other hand, if you aren't tech...
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    Ohio Star Ball 2011

    According to their website's front page, OSB will indeed be streamed by starStreamers this year.
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    Looking for a computer

    If your Dell is getting weary, but you want to hang on to some legacy Windows software, you could consider installing a Linux system dual-booted with Windows. The Linux could allow you to squeeze some more life out of the old Dell hardware, but still allows you to have a more modern (Linux)...
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    Looking for a computer

    Pyg, do you happen to realize that HP announced that they are no longer going to be making the TouchPad? Even though they are still manufacturing more of the current model(s), at some point they will stop the production runs. At the moment, the top-rated tablets are: iPad2 (soon to be iPad3...
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    Do you love your iPad?

    Do you mean they actually can't see the hyperlinks on the FB page? Or do you mean they can't see the YouTube video after following the link? This makes a difference, because iPads don't have Flash Player, and most videos on YT are Flash videos. Google is slowly converting their videos to...
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    Are you bored to dance with less advanced dancers?

    Partnerzilla = Dance partner + Godzilla. Just try to imagine if you had Godzilla as your dance partner. If you do a dance step wrong, then the dance partner gets angry and will immediately go on a rampage and destroy Tokyo...
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    Deciphering a Vanity Plate

    I've seen 'QWKSTEP'.
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    funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing

    I've commonly heard that said to leads like me, but never to a follow! Hmm, which begs the question, is it the lead that's driving or is it the follow? :shock::wink::p
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    Competitors need a tan?

    I was under the impression that all fake tans, whether airbrushed or lotion, need to be left on the skin for approximately 3-6 hours for a deep, dark tan. This means no showering/bathing, and trying to keep sweating to a minimum. Don't take my word for it though, since I'm a guy, and I don't do...
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    Why has Windows 7 Been Rendered So Unusable?

    Actually, the solution would have been to uninstalled and then reinstall Word 2010. The reason why the file association didn't work, at least as you describe it, is because you still had Word 2000 installed on the machine when you installed 2010. If you had first uninstalled Word 2000, and then...