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    Learning to Dance with you upper body?

    I took a few years to actually getting it. I think learning a bit hip hop, or salsa could get some feeling of it - at least that is what my coach taught me at first, except I didn't quite get it back in the day. Also, a huge part of dancing your upper body, or dancing in general, is about...
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    Dancing effortlessly, but energetically

    This. And I think this is what Bryan Watson really good at. My coach used to joke that he was so efficient that at the end of his career, he gained weight because of it.
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    Practice Partnerships

    Thanks :)
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    Close to giving up.

    Doug, I remember reading from other places that you don't want to compete (which is cool and fine). But do you want to give it another thought? I mean, from what I have read, you also aren't satisfied by the general crowd in the social dance scene, and you get "bored" by the basic patterns...
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    Practice Partnerships

    I will highly suggest to use this opportunity to work on yourself. There are a whole bunch of things you could work on/refine on your own, actually, better if you work on your own. Obviously, I don't know your level, but you can't go wrong with working on the fundamentals. Or you can always...
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    Dealing with frustration

    Well, the good news is that, you are not alone. Sometimes I felt that dancing is a journey of self-exploring/self-understanding. As for how to overcoming those frustrations for me - I am going to assume that you are most frustrated when practicing, and couldn't get things "right" - is to focus...
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    Can't Dance With Wife or Best Friend

    Very interesting. When I practiced with my ex-partner, we focused pretty much on ourselves only. I understand that some of our problems would be interdependent, but we tried to leave those to our coaches. We thought that, we could either argue to no end, or we could use the same time focusing on...
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    Can't Dance With Wife or Best Friend

    And I think that it will, at least in the short run, be cheaper this way. Many couples learn it this way (instead of separately). So I am not sure why insisting on working with different pros.
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    Heel height for standard shoes

    How about buy it online, since you already know the size (the one you tried at the comp)?
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    Developing Sensuality in Rumba

    This. From my understand, there is little guys could do...unless you are talking about "balancing the energy/Yin yang" within the couple.
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    Heel height for standard shoes

    Good to know. I used to be in an Army, and part of my duty was simply standing there without moving for 2 hours. And I could never stood still for 2 hours straight. I used to think that I was just having bad back/knees, you name it. It seems that I am just normal.
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    Heel height for standard shoes

    0.0 Definitely learning here. I always thought that the ideal heel height range is something between 1.5~2 inches. 2.5 is getting into Latin range.
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    Developing Sensuality in Rumba

    I don't know. Back in the day, when my ex partner and I haven't developed good dance chemistry, but my coach said that there is just something very feminine, sensual about her (for instance, how she pointed her fingers, arms, where she looked, etc). This was Latin, btw.
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    Best food to have before competition

    Coffee. That is a must.