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    Thoughts to make you smile

    :cheers: cheers to that!
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    I just saw on the news that the new "buy your mp3's legally" website has flaws. There is some sort of program or site that can take the encrypted mp3 files and duplicate them and take them for free WOOPEE! Guess there really is no stopping this so called "theft" of mp3's :lol:
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    Telephone Pet Peeves

    I'm a chronic offender of the "I'll let you go" phrase.... sowwie :oops:
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    Bronze Foxtrot - why even teach it?

    well you have to start somewhere right?
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    High School and College Ballroom Teams -- What is the Value?

    I think it's great that the younger generations (which I'm part of I might add) are getting into ballroom dancing!
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    Using Books and Manuals?

    I only use a syllabus book to make sure of direction and foot placement.
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    Bronze Foxtrot - why even teach it?

    baby steps!
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    How do you make samba "bounce"?

    I've seen samba danced flowy and controlled and also danced bouncy and sharp. I like both styles but I dance the bouncy way. I think it's in the knees.
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    Backleading and hijacking...

    I love hijacking during dancing. I have a bad habit of backleading (on accident, I don't realize I'm doing it) because I'm a teacher and I'm in the process of training another instructor :oops:
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    Song Game

    Something's got control of me Feels like I'm in a trance Electricity runs through me Makes me wanna dance Take me in your arms 'Cause I wanna dance all night with you When you move I feel your magic running through me I grow helpless as we dance the night away [Chorus] Dance, dance I...
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    How many private lessons?

    infinity. I don't know how many hours I dance a week, I lose count :]
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    Weight Transfer

    "your OTHER right" is one of my daily comments :]
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    Fixing blisters ASAP

    it's generally not a good idea to pop blisters because bacteria can get in there and cause infections (especially on our dirty feet). I would say cover it with the right sized bandaid with antibiotic gel and/or nuskin and wait. :]