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    Dance Partner Wanted

    Aaaand I'm going to jump on this disjointed bandwagon, which began a few years ago... Age: 18 Height: 170 cm (without heels) Experience: I've had a few partnerships which have fallen through for various reasons, mainly time and money. I've competed individually (usually winning) and my last...
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    How are you, today?

    Disappointed. :( Another dancing partnership has bitten the dust. He said he can no longer afford it or put in the necessary time or effort. Which I guess I can understand. It's back to the dancing partner search I go!
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    What made you smile today?

    I work in a gift shop and it was almost closing time so I was standing at the counter with my colleagues while one did the totals. A love little girl comes running in and asks politely, "May I have some tissues, please?" I was rather impressed with her manners as they are few and far between...
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    I'm new! too late to dance?

    My dancing teacher is 25. He only began dancing when he was 20. Being exceptionally intelligent, dilligent and a perfectionist, he made it to level 5 within the space of a year. Next year, he is going to compete at Blackpool and he hopes to achieve much more beyond that. Do not let the age at...
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    Word Association

    Lust. :raisebro:
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    How are you, today?

    EXTREMELY frustrated. :headwall:
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    2012 Olympics

    I'm just glad Australia's finally in the top 10. Thank God! It was rough there for a while when Kazakhstan was 10 places above us. I don't know what happened this year. I don't know how many Aussies are here, but I was disappointed at the attitude we had towards Leisel Jones. Instead of being...
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    Advice to help a blind dancer?

    Whilst I don't have much advice per se, I did see a blind dancer competing down at the National Capital Dancesport Championships about a month ago. I would never have realised if it weren't for a few clues which fell into my lap. 1. A little girl ran past talking excitedly about a dog in the...
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    Member Introductions -- Index

    Hey guys! I'm not sure how many of oh will remember me. It's been a few years since I last posted- I'm pretty sure I was no older than 15. Unfortunately my dancing was brought to an abrupt halt when I had an incident with my much older (and sleazier) teacher. Let's leave it at that. Well I'm 18...
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    How old are of forum members?

    And I'm the baby at 15.:cool:
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