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    How long do dance shoes last?

    My character shoes last 3 months, jazz 4 months, ballet 6 months, pointe shoes 8 hours :D
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    Can someone tell me what kind of dance is this?

    I can't see the video!
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    Best Compliment(s) You've Ever Gotten On Your Dancing

    1. When I started dancing I was taking class with a group of kids to catch up. I finally figured out how to do an echappe saute with a battu, and the class that was waiting for us to be done started clapping and cheering for me *blushes* 2. I had a lady come up to me after a show and tell me...
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    Newbie need advice

    I had a student contact me (mid-40's) who wanted to do ballet privately. I will say I was able to do A LOT with her! private lessons are awesome. Once you get comfortable, definitely do group classes on top of it; it is a totally different experience and you'll learn a lot.
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