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    Granted. You have a reprieve until you get home, then the snow that has accumulated in the atmosphere dumps down in one fell swoop on your roof and it collapses. :( I wish this semester would end.
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    2007 Houston Salsa Congress -- some video highlights

    Some of those performances were insane!!! I'm just a beginner, but when I think of myself in the future, I picture all that acrobatic flipping and sliding, etc. I love getting thrown around-in a good way. I know that it's all choreographed and for exhibition only, but that is what appeals to me.
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    New Year 2008

    Sounds terrible, but I just go to bed around 11:00. It'll be a new year when I wake up whether I see that damn ball drop or not!
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    Anybody else go to Session 73 last night?

    Hi. I didn't go last night, but I've been there before and liked it. There are a lot of good dancers there. I spend a lot of time on the UES, so it's a good spot for me. The front gets a little too crowded for me, but if you get there early, the back room is empty and even though the music is...
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    Different salsa "uniforms"

    Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I feel that going out requires a going-out outfit. Yes, it's true, I'm always overdressed for every occaision, but I'm used to it. When I go salsa dancing, I always wear some skanky-hoochie outfit. I feel more confident when I'm dancing in a dress, with dance...
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    Google Image Search Game

    Next: Marvel
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    Improving a follower's frame and/or resistance?

    Hi everyone! As a new salsa dancer with a tendency to have a spaghetti frame/arms , I can ramble on knowledgeably about this subject. The best thing I did for myself was practice, practice, practice. I went to socials, clubs, made new salsa friends and went out whenever I could. As for my...