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    Why is 4-count Hustle looked down on?

    Ive heard it called Detroit hustle, this was from a person that grew up near there.
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    Your Favorite Tunes for: HUSTLE

    I don't see my favorite: turn the beat around vicki sue robinson Have check my playlist for more.
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    Where are the men to tango with at my beautiful 64 years of age? :)

    Where in SC ? I live on hilton head island. I know that the Spoleto Festival in Charleston has tango events. It starts May 21 runs 18 days. I can't get in to my yahoo mail now but there are tango groups there where I get info on AT in the area. You may email here if you don't want to give your...
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    Songs to end a dance with

    Since I plan a country two step lesson one week "I Had a Real Good Time" would be perfect.
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    Songs to end a dance with

    Really like bye bye! Watched that show. Thanks every one! All great songs
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    Songs to end a dance with

    Interesting! So many version of it . Ive not found a "fast" version of it yet. Might be cute to end with different versions each dane.
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    Songs to end a dance with

    Ive been running Ballroom/Latin/swing dances. Right now I end my playlists with either Last Dance (Donna Summers) or Save the last dance for me (various singers). Any suggestions?
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    street shoes I can pivot in?

    See thread : and or just search on florsheim . Not sure if they make the shoes any more.
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    "Straight line" swing

    Found this on a search: . Looks like theses page are Linedance Stepsheets
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    What's wrong with this picture? Are dances for experts only?

    Im not sure you are right about : "The impression that I have is that most dances in most places are run more like the Denver dances than the Boulder dances, with a very wide range of dances in a single evening." I know in the NJ area this is not so. Lots of AT, Swing and ballroom dances around...
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    Shoes for Off and On the Dance Floor

    This has been covered in another thread a while ago. I THINK Florsheim Dancers was one option. "The Florsheim Dancer dress is crafted with handsewn moccasin construction and an elastic gore for comfort. This loafer is crafted to glide effortlessly on the dance floor."
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    Why Can't I Learn to Dance? :-/

    Actually theses pictures are good ! Note the differences in where the mans right hand is placed and how far the man left arm is extend. Obviously the top is formal ballroom style the bottom is social to the point that I would say these are people not people familiar with ballroom. Man is too...
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    Why Can't I Learn to Dance? :-/

    Yes private lesson are best with the right instructor. Sounds like you tried many different types of dances. Probably best to pick one and gain some skill before moving to other types. And you are going to have to find out what is the best way that YOU learn something. For example, some learn...
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    What's your perfect set list for a tea dance?

    LOL used to have 20 seconds. Lots of people at the teas were singles so have to give them time to ask some one.
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    What's your perfect set list for a tea dance?

    I DJed tea dance. last year. Why are you thinking there are rules? I actually just want to know. I think it most important to know the audience, young ? old? Beginners or experienced? Ballroom dancers? Swing dances, Latin dancers. My group was fairly mixed. BTW I always finished with Last...