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    Poll for the ladies; To Cologne, or NOT to Cologne, THAT is the question!

    Cologne? No ... No .... No! Non-scented deodorants? Yes.
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    Interview with Jennifer Bratt

    Jennifer Bratt has a pleasing style, but Alexandra Wood or Kim Schwartz demonstrate more grace and fluidity.
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    Los codigos de milongas: Do not bump

    "There is no cure for them, but have already been punished with a life of few joys." How very true.
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    Ballroom style

    This is a young couple performing a ballroom version of Argentine Tango with considerable elan. They are far too young to express the more emotional aspects of Argentine Tango and should not be held to that standard; and in fact, had they smoldered on the dance floor, I imagine there would be a...
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    At your invitation I will respond to your comment. I do not find 'everything' on this forum is a waste of time; nevertheless much of it is. More to the point, I do not consider your posts a waste of time, though the discussion was, in my opinion more than a bit cold and calculating. Nor do...
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    Dancing to the music

    Comme Il Faut shoes are made with heels measured in centimeters. 10 centimeters is approximately 3.937 inches while 10.5 centimeters is 4.134 inches. Given the extreme pedantry in this forum I am surprised so many have posted without comment. A member of the flailing sisterhood; whatever that...
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    I shudder to think what any of you must be like in bed; though I am certain any calculations defining the act would be correct. Makes me cry, but not with joy.
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    Advices For Milonga Participants

    I cannot help but believe that there be Trolls lurking near the beginning of this thread.
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    Walking to the Cross (Cruzada)

    Are you former dance partners? The tension between you is palpable.
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    What are the 5 top reasons that make a man ask a woman to dance? Beauty comes first?

    Thank you for noticing Tangomonkey. It was intentional. I thought it glaringly obvious; as obvious as a certain comments on Tango. :headwall:
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    What are the 5 top reasons that make a man ask a woman to dance? Beauty comes first?

    So I would imagine; yet in time, with training, just a little more practice, and the services of a good teacher, I am certain you will be able handle a little more complexity.
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    Learning Leading from Patterns/Sequences

    A good leader knows when it is appropriate to lead with simplicity or with complexity. I have never known a woman who does not enjoy dancing with a good leader. This is a topic we often share with each other. I will not presume to answer for all women as I am certain that there are women for...
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    Learning Leading from Patterns/Sequences

    It is a pity that it takes so very long for some leaders to understand how to dance simply and with feeling. Miguel Zotto, for example, can dance some very complicated figures on the stage, but on a crowded floor he dances with a seductive simplicity that makes you feel as if you are the only...
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    Feeling the Man's Steps?

    I too have seen a few old goats use the head butt technique.