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    Lunch Time Club!

    Hey Pyg & Fasc! :D It ended up being a shake/smoothie with mango, strawberry, banana, plum, and a bit of vanilla. %2
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    Disco - need resources

    I'm mostly interested in tracking the fashion of dance, with a focus on the end of Disco. I became interested in social/partner dancing during the period of time when Country dance was very much en vogue, but I don't remember (was too young to care) during the transition from Disco. I will...
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    Disco - need resources

    I have a week to concentrate on this one project. I'm not so much looking for "where to people go to Disco in the year 2011", as I am looking more for "how does Swing/club dancing/(insert style) have characteristics similar to Disco" or "____ dancing is like Disco because it fills ____ need...
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    Lunch Time Club!

    Mango shake and whatever in the fridge doesn't have fur on it. Maybe just the mango shake. Note to self: clean out the fridge, go grocery shopping.
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    Disco - need resources

    Hi all! I am working on an academic report for a dance class and I need resources for DISCO baby! Yeah! :P A very rough question I want to answer is "what happened to disco?" I want to introduce Disco as a style, do a brief history of it, then spend most of my report on how Disco became...
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    I danced last night. :) Life is good.
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    Happy Birtthday GalacticDancer44M

    Happy Birthday! :)
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    happy b-day motarmom

    Hee hee! Thanks everyone! My birthday was good one... another anniversary of my 29th... Thanks for the cake, and123 :) It looks a lot like the real one I ate with my kids on Sunday! Funny story: I got rear-ended about a week ago. Just a fender-bender, no one got hurt and the only damage...
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    Tap Dancing

    I can't for the life of me remember where the link was to the forum for non-partner dances like tap or ballet or hip hop... yadda yadda... My friend is looking for a portable floor for her tap-dancing son's Christmas present.... Thanks :)
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    Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

    I think it all depends on the state of the relationship. If the relationship is sound, then absence will not take a toll, perhaps even make the "heart grow fonder." If the relationship has any issues, then the absence will help to push the relationship over the edge. I think absences are...
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    I love the feeling of twitterpation...... :tongue:
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    gratitude thread

    Grateful that I will get to have a BIG dance weekend this weekend... Yaaaaaay!!!!!
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    They've been doing this whole air mattress thing for a long time, and so long as my kids are fine with it, I'm fine with it I suppose. He and I are generally pretty functional... I know I still have some chinks in my armor (I'm working on that, he found one yesterday) but I do what I can to be...
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    Whining Thread #2

    Why does my ex still get to me every once in a while? I have a few chinks in my armor..... Ugh.
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    Lots of good suggestions on the bed, thanks! :) I haven't seen the frame yet, only the headboard and footboard. I guess worst case scenario is buy just a box springs... maybe even second hand (since you don't actually sleep on it...) I will be picking up the headboard and footboard this...