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    pre-competition disorder

    Yes and yes
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    Black panther was excellent
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    winter olympics 2018

    Shawn white is god ! 1260 double mctwist!!!
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    Thanks for recommending In Cahoots San Diego CA

    Quick quick slow slow. Progressive two step
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    USA Dance Annoucement

    Welcome back BD. I knew you would not let that one slide by lol. Ok...Family first... then put up the friggin nationals website so I can sign up to go!!!!WTH
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    Holiday blues...

    Orangetheory fitness and lots of it!!
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    Dance Studio Solo Showcase $200 Fee?

    It’s a reasonable price. Especially in chain studios
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    Modern Samba Songs

    POst one. I’ll let ya know
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    post competition disorder

    Photos and videos always make it look worse than it feels. Photos can be random but videos don’t lie unfortunately
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    Second style conundrum

    Agree with Jude besides if you are the best Canadian standard girl you will win 10 dance in Canada. Now the USA is a different animal so get your butt down here win the usdc standard title then do smooth and standard am am with Jude Done case closed next !!!
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    Nashville Starz 2018 - Roll Call

    My pro says it’s a great event. Good luck
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    Planning for 2018!

    Meh gotta dance against the big boys and girls here in the us of a
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    Modern Samba Songs

    Shape of you ed sheeran
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    I agree. Vacation first maybe
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    New Kind of Dance

    Dubsteo is the music. Not the dance style