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    winter olympics 2018

    Shawn white is god ! 1260 double mctwist!!!
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    Thanks for recommending In Cahoots San Diego CA

    Quick quick slow slow. Progressive two step
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    USA Dance Annoucement

    Welcome back BD. I knew you would not let that one slide by lol. Ok...Family first... then put up the friggin nationals website so I can sign up to go!!!!WTH
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    Holiday blues...

    Orangetheory fitness and lots of it!!
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    Dance Studio Solo Showcase $200 Fee?

    It’s a reasonable price. Especially in chain studios
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    Modern Samba Songs

    POst one. I’ll let ya know
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    post competition disorder

    Photos and videos always make it look worse than it feels. Photos can be random but videos don’t lie unfortunately
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    Second style conundrum

    Agree with Jude besides if you are the best Canadian standard girl you will win 10 dance in Canada. Now the USA is a different animal so get your butt down here win the usdc standard title then do smooth and standard am am with Jude Done case closed next !!!
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    Nashville Starz 2018 - Roll Call

    My pro says it’s a great event. Good luck
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    Planning for 2018!

    Meh gotta dance against the big boys and girls here in the us of a
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    Modern Samba Songs

    Shape of you ed sheeran
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    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    I agree. Vacation first maybe
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    New Kind of Dance

    Dubsteo is the music. Not the dance style
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    New Kind of Dance

    Most people here know I’m pretty nice But.... that was horrible. It’s not popping or animation or well... anything. Give that song to Cyrus “glitch”Spencer or marquese “nonstop” Scott or any dragon house member they would murder that beat. Get some training before you try to evolve a style...
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    DWTS Season 25

    Well the best dancer won. Sometimes america gets it right lol