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    What's the difference: Lindy Hop Vs. East Coast Swing?

    Don't know if it's true, but in documentary "Alive and kicking" someone said that ECS is different from lindy because it has 6count steps.
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    Learning pattern

    Unfortunately I can't post links, bet I here's a partial one watch?v=cKcamMuk3sA I'm sure you'll know what to to with it. That's what I mean with side, full 90 degree turn when taking first step
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    Can a total beginner to salsa manage to put on a performance with 5 months of training?

    @Firefly123 so it's been more than a year now. How did it go?
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    Is marriage among salsa instructors rare?

    Our salsa instructors are married to each other. But they argue alot. Think they've been together of 20years or so, but sometimes it feels like they're about to kill each other or atleast get a divorce any minute now... funny :)
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    Learning pattern

    Thanks, Paul and Steve, that makes a lot of sense.
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    Learning pattern

    We've been dancing full set of ballroom dances, argentine tango, last year started taking salsa lessons (still doing those) -- I'll try no to :D
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    Learning pattern

    I'm not really a DVD guy, but table of contents of "22 Foundation Patterns" should keep us busy for month or two. Then, I guess, it's workshops and non-linear learning. Just one more question. Instructor in this video (no links from newbs) seems to be doing first step for the left side pass...
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    Learning pattern

    My wife and I are taking WCS group classes, but we both feel like the progress is too slow for us. Last lesson (the third) we didn't learn any new moves at all. So we decided to learn at our own pace. Given your personal experience, can you outline the learning path?