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    Boston Tango, classes and milonga info ?

    Thanks for the links... I may take a couple of classses and one milonga hopefully....
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    Boston Tango, classes and milonga info ?

    I'm visiting Boston from coming Sunday thru next Wed. Can anyone recommend good classes or milongas in Boston area ? Thanks in advance. Mr.Q
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    Philadelphia Salsa Congress

    Does anybody know the detailed workshop schedule in Philadelphia Salsa congress ? Threre is a website, but not very informative.
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    Unfriendly and rude community of tango dancers

    I think AT community is one of the most welcoming community in my dance experience. However, because AT is very intimate dance and the number of default dancing is at least three, there are many beginner followers who are sitting for a long time without being invited to dance.
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    More men in beginner's class and Less men in intermediate class...

    I found that more men than ladies show up in the beginner's AT class. However, there seem to be much more ladies taking classes in the intermediate level. Why do you think this happen ? Where are they ? Do men usually give up AT because of the difficulty of the dance ? Or they...
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    Why Tango Argentino?

    I didn't say I had danced milonga around two hours. I said I had danced two hours at a milonga (AT social) with a same girl. There is no such milonga (AT social) playing milonga (a dance style) for two hours. I know dancing two hours with a same girl at a milonga (AT social) is very...
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    lead/follow roles

    Sometimes I dance as a follower in class or practica when the number of ladies is not enough. It is only for learning purpose. In milonga, I saw some female-female dancing, but never male-male couple. It might be OK if female leader - male follower are dancing even if they don't look...
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    Why Tango Argentino?

    I have been dancing salsa several years before I got hooked on tango. Of course, I still like to dance salsa and I'm going to salsa party or club regularly. However, if I have to choose one of salsa party or milonga, I always do milonga without hesitation. It's hard to dance salsa more than...
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    How can you lead-and-follow without close embrace ?

    Hi Folks, I have learned AT close embrace style. When I dance at milonga, some ladies (not many) do not want to dance in close embrace style because either they don't know how dance this style or they are not comfortable with it. Once I don't feel chest-chest contact, it is very...
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    Milonga instructional DVD or Video

    Hi, I want to learn some milonga steps. I took some tango classes, but they didn't teach milonga steps. Is there any recommended milonga instructonal DVD or Video? Online video clip would be helpful, too. Thanks. -Mr.Q
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    Street Fighter Salsa

    They are Korean sister-brother couple who won 1st prize in "2004 Korea Salsa Competition".
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    Why Tango Argentino?

    Music Close connection Friendly atmosphere in milonga Challenging A dance which I can do when I grow old Look beautiful
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    How long should I take lessons to have fun in milonga ?

    Believe it or Not, I'm enjoying dancing AT in milonga. Classes gave me much confidence even though I hardly use steps which I have learned in classes. I think one of the most important factors is the teacher's teaching skill. For the beginners, random workshops are not helpful. A...
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    First Impressions of Argentine Tango, and a Question

    I've been learning AT in close embrace style. If there is no contact, I'm so uncomfortable and I am not able to lead properly. Most of ladies who I dance with first in milonga started with open embrace. Then, I ask if they don't mind holding close embrace. If they don't mind, they...
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    How long should I take lessons to have fun in milonga ?

    Twirly wrote: I've never seen people from my class. They may not be ready for milonga or go to other milonga... :roll: My third milonga is much better. I guess I have danced with more than a half of the ladies in the milonga. I DID sandwitch.. :P A lady who I met in another...