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    My dance website, up for review. What do you think?

    Ah really? Well, I guess I'll just have to check out the other sections then. When I have some more time tomorrow I'll check it out. P.S. How did you go about gaining so much popularity? Just word of mouth or did you pay your way to fame?
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    My dance website, up for review. What do you think?

    First off, much thanks to everyone for their input. I took everybody's ideas and basically formulated a mock layout. I'm dabbling in HTML right now, so I'll let everyone know when I'm happy with the new design. Thanks again! -MrJoel
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    My dance website, up for review. What do you think?

    Well first off I would like to thank everyone for submitting their info. I read everyone's input, and decided to edit my page accordingly. I'm trying to make my page look better, but I'm currently experimenting with new types of page authorization. For instance, right now I'm kinda going...
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    My dance website, up for review. What do you think?

    Hi everyone, my name is Joel and I operate a bunch of dance web sites with some friends of mine. Things so far have been going smoothly, but very slowly. I was hoping that perhaps the members here could help me analyze what could be done to improve my web sites for the better Lastly, please...
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    World's Funniest Blonde Joke

    Link didn't work, why does it link to another page? Shouldn't it be to a direct link?
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    How can I dance like this

    Dances like this can't be taught, they have to be experienced. Get a dancer that is experienced and just watch him/her. When you're confident, act serious and get the music into your soul. I'm sure the rest will follow.
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    I am looking for Dance outfits!

    Your best bet is to try ebay stores. The only problem with that is gaining an account. Some people may not like giving away personal information on the internet, but the deals are usually really good.
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    Need help sorting my music

    Have you tried using iTunes? It's free to download from and it sorts music just fine for me, plus it fills in a lot of missing information that many may need.
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    Google Moon

    Hah, very cool. Too bad it's so small though, I would of liked to check out the infamous "Dark Side"
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    Comforting a friend

    That's really sweet, simple things like mailing a card or giving flowers can really cheer a person up. It doesn't have to be expensive, or one of a kind, just something that shows the person that you care. I used to pick flowers from my neighbors lawn and then give them to my friend which of...
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    Olympics '06

    I personally enjoy the snowboarding, mostly because I know how impossible it is in real life. It's much harder than skiing, and the falls are unforgiving. There is another sport as well that I admire, but I forget the name of it. It involves a person on skis slamming into a ramp and trying to...
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    Hey all you GUESTS check this out

    Hi, thanks for responding to my post, I'm not really a dancer I'm a former Junior-Olympics in gymnastics. Although I do have a lot to do with dance competitions through my company.
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    Hey all you GUESTS check this out

    I just joined, and I really like the place. Great site!
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    dragon fruit is amazing, but was impossible to get past customs when I was going home to Ny. *tear* I still miss it!
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    AT for V-Day?

    It's a lot better than just buying cheap chocolate and flowers. I'll take dance anyday!