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    Learning to dance

    Thank you for the advice! I'll take it to heart when I start up lessons again! I love the idea of having myself recorded at every lesson. Great advice!
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    Salsa in Chicago

    Thank you!
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    Banning Same Sex Partners could be Illegal

    I found an interesting blog post about this a few weeks ago. I would post a link, but I'm a new member and I'm not allowed yet. I will when that restriction is lifted. If I remember properly, the argument was about defining dance as a "sport" or an "art." If sport, then gender restrictions make...
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    Dancing for my wedding

    Thanks! I'll take your advice and let you know how it all goes.
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    Dancing for my wedding

    Thanks! I have asked her and she said "yes," but I'm not sure if we should takes lessons together or if she should take some lessons first just to get a foundation. I should also say that I'm leaning away from choreography and thinking more of a lead/follow dance.
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    Dancing for my wedding

    My fiancé doesn't dance, but I do. Thoughts on how I should approach our first dance?
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    Favorite Salsa Songs

    Boranda, by Sonora Poncena
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    Learning to dance

    I'm trying to get the most out of private lessons. Does anyone have advice on good practice habits etc.?
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    Dating a non-dancer

    I've dated a few non-dancers and I have a good friends who is a professional ballroom dancer who dates a non-dancer. It seems to me that what really matters is that the "non-dancer" shows interest in what interests you and isn't afraid to hit the floor, even if they can only dance a couple of...
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    Salsa in Chicago

    Can anyone share days/locations for good salsa dancing in Chicago?
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    How are your practices going?

    I've been practicing a lot lately and forget to just let go sometimes. Sometimes just letting go and saying "f" it! is the best thing you can do.