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    Practice Rounds

    I find "rounds" a very important thing to include in the practice. I have a lot of difficulty to, after being really tired to force me to don´t stop, as I have to do in a competition. After becoming really exhausted in a middle of a final, the easiest thing to do is to stop, to complain, etc. So...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Ladybird the same happened to me recently. I was away travelling for a month, and when I return I felt very good in dancing ;)
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    Rambo training - team diablo

    Hey guys Are anyone familiar with the details about the physical training of team diablo called rambo? I know that all athletes from this club do this workout everyday, and I heard Goffredo and Anna Matua talk about it in an interview. If anyone could give more details about it, I would...
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    Blackpool 2012

    Neither Slavik or Formica are dancing. Slavik and Daria ended their partnership allready, and Formica published on facebook that he and Olga are not ready yet to compete.
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    Blackpool 2012

    Any place where we can see the starting lists? Thanks
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    Slavik & Daria

    Ok latingal. Sorry about that, and thanks ;)
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    Slavik & Daria

    Hi guys I want to ask you something. Once that is still a gossip that I read on other sites, I don´t want to beggin a thread yet, but because we are talking about "new" partnerships, did someone allready heard about the possibility of Mirko & Alessia return and compete in Blackpool? I heard...
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    Franco & Olga

    Blackpool will be their first competition!!
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    Blackpool 2011

    I was there, and saw most of the rounds from the top balcony and the semifinal from the second row. In my opinion, Arunas and Karusha didn´t deserved to win. Mirko and Edita were much superior during all competition. Arunas footwork in slowfox was miserable comparing to mirko´s, and tango and...
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    Formica & Oxana split

    It is a sad day for all of us :(
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    Blackpool: paso doble music

    Hey guys Can anyone help me with paso doble counts at blackpool? I mean, I have my routine for espana cani music, and I can do it in 8 counts to be applied to a regular (without highlights) music. But in blackpool, you can have espana cani, you can have music without highlights but not espana...
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    I totally agree with Larinda. Michael´s attitude just show that they don´t work and practice for the second place. They work very hard, every day, to win! So a fake smile in their face shows "ok we are second in the world.everything is ok, no problem"! I don´t agree with that. If I work to be...
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    International Latin World Championships

    I found it. thanks :)
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    International Latin World Championships

    b4llroom where did you saw that results?
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    International Latin World Championships

    What was that in the beginning of Franco´s jive??