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    Austin Joson and Lisa L (Kid Competitors from 4-22 episode)

    Just learned from dancesportinfo . net that Austin and Liza had decided to end their partnership. Austin is looking for a new partner.
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    Where to buy hair jewelry like this?

    I am thinking about making them myself. Do you know what fabric to use?
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    Where to buy hair jewelry like this?

    Danceshopper . com carries this. But the selection is limited and a bit pricey. Anyone knows where else I can buy hair jewelry? Or how to DIY?
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    How do you like this vid?

    I'm sure he dances better than any contestant on the show. (:
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    How do you like this vid?

    your comments will be appreciated.
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    2008 USA Dance Nationals

    How to purchase the $135 weekend pass for competitors? I read it in the email sent out to competitors, but couldn't find it on the website. Anyone knows?
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    Craig Shaw and Malin Johansson Split

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    1979 World Championship - Standard

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    New partnerships sure to shake up Pro latin

    From Dancebeat Slavik Kryklyvyy + Hanna Kartunnen Feb. 20th. Hanna Kartunnen has told Dance Beat that although she is still dancing in her heart, she is not yet ready to dance with a partner yet. From her native Finalnd where she is currently...
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    Custom making ballroom dresses in China?

    Are we talking about the same country? Unexpectedly (to some people), those folks work long hours at their sewing machines, yet still found sometime to build websites. Though not in English. www. Sorry that you were not informed when they changed their approach to business.
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    PBS America's Ballroom Challenge starts soon :-)

    Now i know your taste in men.:raisebro:
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    Arunas & Katusha Tango

    Dapenda rocks!
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    tails from Star Dance Shop

    I think Star Dance Shop is an "official" retailer of TAKA dancewear, which is from Japan. Their sponsored couples include Wilkins & Demidova and Watson & Carmen.
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    Evolution of ballroom latin

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    UK results?

    How interesting! Katusha beat Johnathan, and Hazel beat Chris!