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    How did you find/meet your dance partner(s)?

    I was actually at a dance camp and all us younger peoples were dancing together but then the couple who were teaching told all of us young men to please ask a mom. So I asked a woman who I had met only a couple times and while dancing she asked if I wanted to be her daughter's dance partner and...
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    Dance DJ

    Hey thanks Rip! I'll have to try that out! -Nathan
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    Dance DJ

    Hey everyone! So I've been dancing socially with the same group of people for about 3 years now and have been running the music for about a year and a half. I've always just played music from my ipod through speakers but I recently thought it was time to upgrade. So I got a mobile DJ program...
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    Word Association

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    Judges Standards

    Hey Thanks for all the responses guys!
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    Judges Standards

    Hey everyone! So my partner and I just competed for our second time in American style. We've only been dancing for a year so we had to dance in newcomer and we also competed in Pre-bronze. All the couples who we competed against in Pre-bronze were all also in full Bronze. To my mind we...
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    Muscle Memory

    Well I'm sorry, I can't help, but I sure wish some of my bad muscle memory would go away!
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    Why don't comp promoters lure the general public to comps?

    The week before my first comp. I actually heard an advertisement for the competition on the biggest radio station around! Needless to say, I was a little surprised! So I guess some comps. advertise in the general public
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    CD or Computer

    I use an ipod sometimes through a computer. I know a couple who teach and they used CD's until they got an ipod last year.
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    spin turn technique

    In quickstep? If so, this is a move I learned recently and had some trouble with it. My teacher told me to just keep my shoulders moving away (to the right) and to start the shoulder turning before the feet start turning. (feel free to correct me on this as I just learned it)
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    Word Association

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    Dancing Salsa in the Desert

    Haha that's good! Thanks
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    Five Letter Game

    Hi Girl, you have hair! JGRRT
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    Walking Backwards

    Well I'm a leader and personally I find it much harder to go back! Stepping forward is easy for me but I never step far enough back.
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    Social Dancing with DP

    I've been dancing socially a lot longer than I have with DP so when we are at a social I do tend to ask her a bit more than the other girls but I still try to divide my time evenly. At our socials there is always a big shortage of leads so if I danced exclusively with DP the other girls would...