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    Looking for a Hotel room for the Blackpool Dance Festival?

    Is anyone looking for a hotel room in Blackpool for the Dance Festival? I am looking for someone to take over my reservation with the Adelaide Hotel. The Hotel is very conveniently located on Adelaide St, only few min walk to the Winter Gardens. We reserved one of lager room within the hotel...
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    2014 Blackpool Tickets for sale

    Becca, my friend has two west ground floor (F-row) tickets for sale.
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    2014 Blackpool Tickets for sale

    The seats are on south ground floor. We had same seating for last 3 years, our row was first row on riser. The ticket price is 648GBP plus 2GBP process fee, total 650GBP for 2 seats.
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    2014 Blackpool Tickets for sale

    We just found some conflict on schedule not able to make the trip to Blackpool Dance Festival this year. We have very good season tickets for two, they are C row (3rd row), ground floor. Very nice seats for viewing. Please send me a Private Message for inquiry.
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    Ballroom Make-up

    When I do make-up for the competition, I try to make my face bright and reflect lights. For that matters, I think Kryolan products are really good, I like them very much. I use "HD Micro Foundation Matifying Fluid", finish with "HD Micro Finish Powder" and "Dermacolor Light Translucent Powder...
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    2013 Mid-Atlantic Championships

    Google Chrome too:confused:
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    2013 Mid-Atlantic Championships

    I am looking forward dancing in Mid-Atlantic! 2nd largest NQE in US! Yeah~ ;)
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    Embassy 2012

    I wish... Embassy is one of my favorite comp. I love location, practice tent, beautiful ballroom setup. Maybe next year.
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    Capital Dancesport 2012

    I am going too!
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    Judging senior events

    How sad he does his (her) job that way... If he don't have passion for what he does, he should change his job. All of dancers in competition are serious, regardless age or level of dance. I am a Senior dancer.. My partner and I, we are very seriously studying dancing (time...
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    Revamping a used dress

    I buy crin at 3" - 36 yard roll for $33.00 USD per roll. They offer many sizes and colors.
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    I'm new! too late to dance?

    I started dancing age 46, since then I have been enjoying dancing every moments. Different than when I was young is… I need spend some time to work on body-strength, flexibility and stamina. I need to make my body as "dancing body" so I will be able to do what my teacher want to me to do. As...
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    NDCA Amateur Nationals - Provo, Utah

    Excellent!!! Thank you for the information !
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    NDCA Amateur Nationals - Provo, Utah

    That would be great!!! I am looking forward it! Hope there will be Senior 2 as well
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    NDCA Amateur Nationals - Provo, Utah

    I heard they will add Senior events at 2013 NDCA Nationals. Is this true?