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    Dance cruise...

    My GF and I took the Stardust cruise this past January aboard the Costa Fortuna and loved it. I think they had about 10 dance hosts. I think the pricing for Stardust is lower than most of the other dance cruises. The nice thing about a large group are the number of dance venues available...
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    Dancing opportunities on Carnival cruises?

    I just finished a cruise on the Carnival Splendor from Long Beach California to Mexico. There were a couple of very good bands playing Waltz, cha cha, rumba, swing, NC 2 Step, and were very open to requests for Tango or other dances. The disappointment to me was the latin band which only...
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    Dancing in BsAs makes you a better AT dancer

    I don't think that just going to Buenos Aires makes one a better Tango dancer (whatever that means.) If you go on a tour with a group of non-Argentinians, only dance with your fellow tourists and not Portenos, then you might have an enjoyable trip, but I don't believe you can say that you...
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 9

    I'm not sure why, but I am into this season more than I have been for a while. I just watched some of Debi Mazar's "Under the Tuscan Gun" internet cooking shows with her husband. She has a great personality (so important on this show.) I hope she and Maks have a long run this season.
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 9

    Quoting the Wikipedia again, it sounds like Kathy Ireland is quite a bit smarter than the average Barbie (or Ken for that matter.) "By 2005, KIWW products were sold at over 50,000 locations, in 15 countries and generating an estimated $1.4 billion in retail sales.[9] Ireland's annual take is...
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 9

    Season 9 Trash Talk 1.0 If he makes it that far, I think the Donny Osmomd Lambada has the makings of an internet classic (right up there with the water skiing chipmunks)
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    Dancing with the Stars Season 9

    I think Mya will be one of the early favorites. From her Wikipedia page: "She took ballet lessons from the age of two and added jazz and tap dancing lessons to her schedule two years later. She entered some dance competitions with her brother as a partner, and then joined the Tappers With...
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    Some thoughts and observations about my trip

    Very nice trip review. The other really good shopping item (if you are trying to build a collection) is Tango Music. Zival's has the best selection, but there are many small music stores all over the place in BA. You can often get collections of most of the big Orquestas on the sale racks...
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    Ballroom tango in Argentina?

    Having seen Ballroom Samba danced in a Forro Club in Brazil, I think Ballroom Tango at a Milonga would be shouting "I'M A TOURIST!" They do have a DWTS/SCD type of show which is one of the many "Bailando Por Un Sueno" Franchises. It is more like soft porn than Ballroom Dancing though.
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    Burn the Floor

    I saw Burn the Floor, this past weekend in San Francisco. Great Show. I liked it better than the original show because it was more ballroom dance. I thought the original overworked a couple of the themes they portrayed.
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    DWTS8 - Let the speculation begin!

    crank the Len hate meter up to 110% for probably everything they do.
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    Internet Television: Global Dance TV

    from the tadaah website: "At this stage Global Dance TV via Tadaah only runs on Windows XP SP2 and vista. We will create a Mac version as soon as possible hence we know the importance of the Mac community - that a bunch of us is a part of our selves."
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    Internet Television: Global Dance TV

    There is a internet TV Channel which is mostly dedicated to Swing Dancing at globaldance . tv (I haven't post here much, but I assume that it's still not cool to post links?) Most of the content is U.S. Open clips from years past. You have to download their player software but it's free...
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    Do you have to be Fit for Tango?

    On youtube, there is a video of Carlos Gavito dancing at La Viruta with Geraldine Rojas. I believe he was in the later stages of cancer at that point in time and the video notes that it was his last performance. So I don't think cardio capacity or physical strength is that important. My Tango...
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    DWTS Season 6 - who will be on it?

    I should have said that I really, really hope they are putting us on.