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    Not satisfied with my ocho cortado

    If rebounds are the issue in your ochos cortados, then practice your rebounds first, not in the context of the ocho cortado, just rebounds. Ask your milonga leaders to include rebounds here and there.
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    What can we do about women who won't use cabeceo?

    A tango police. Cameras everywhere. Tasers. Now you can also have two rooms, one for the cabeceo activists and one for the rest of the world.
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    How long will you sit until you consider dancing with a stranger?

    With the regulars she knows how the dance will be. With strangers she has hope.
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    Watching Yourself Dance to Improve

    In a ideal world yes. Academically speaking TomTango should be assessing his tango by dancing with a random follower, of similar skill each time, and not familiar with his lead. As otherwise you cannot know whether your lead has improved, you cannot get rid of the thought that the follower just...
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    Aesthetics, Technique and Connection

    "perhaps its reason for existence". Well it's not the reason for its birth, but ok it can be one reason for it being still existent. "The limitations of verbal language". You mean, a guy says "hello" to a woman and she immediately calls her lawyer? The post looks somehow USA-centered.
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    How long will you sit until you consider dancing with a stranger?

    My follower has this approach too. She will dance with the regulars only if no stranger is available.
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    They nailed that one!

    Chichi is brilliant here but Joana does not not bring much. Eugenia was "nailing it"
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    8CB - history

    Maybe it's because the 8CB became a teaching tool. The teachers like to make their pupils repeat ad nauseam a sequence. In the Zotto version of the video, you cannot restart immediately another 8CB, you need to navigate a little before the leader is back to LOD. With the box version, the...
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    Our experience of our own dancing can differ from how others experience it

    I actually had gotten the point. And still, I was was wondering whether the first part, supposed to be perfect, being a reconstructed dream, was actually good at all or even acceptable in the eye of someone who actually knows about ballroom. It's joyful, it's not too clumsy, yet in which league...
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    Our experience of our own dancing can differ from how others experience it

    About the first 30 seconds, would you ballroomers say that they dance well, by the usual criterias of ballroom?
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    Degree of closeness and figure frequency

    For me it works the opposite. The more intense the embrace, the larger number of figures is likely to happen. Not sure about the syntax of the previous sentence but you get the idea. On the opposite if the music is indifferent then I will invite an indifferent follower, embrace her...
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    How could different sports contribute to tango learning?

    Not the stick, but the puck. If an analogy with hockey has to be made, then the follower is the puck. But is the analogy legit in the first place? At hockey your aim is to get speed and momentum and bump into the other guys, inflicting the highest damage and stealing their puck. Not sure any...
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    Looking for social dancing videos

    Suer and Beata, calm and stable yes, quite lifeless too. Pointless, somehow. It's not because it's social that you cannot play a little, that you cannot live. The berliner marathonians, well, they certainly accepted that they are "imperfect ones", whatever couple you look at you see struggle...
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    What justifies the high spending cost for learning to dance to you?

    The workshop took place last Saturday and Sunday. We signed for the two days. Only to discover that the Sunday workshop was simply the clone/mirror/repetition of the Saturday one.