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    Most Popular Social Dance for 20-somethings?

    While I'm from Canada, salsa and bachata dominate.
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    Floorcraft, crowded floor: what skills are required?

    Actually, this is a good question. I'm not the best at navigating the floor, but I usually stay within a small space, but newer leads bump into me and throw me off beat because I'm trying to stop the girl from hitting them, so how I do stay on beat and embrace the musicality while keeping her safe?
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    Practice time breakdown.

    For salsa dancing for a beginner - well that's up to you and how fast you want to progress. Maybe start off with: 1-2 hrs private lessons a week 1-2 socials a week 1-2 hrs of solo/partner practice. Also, listen to the music in your spare time.
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    Difficulty of learning salsa vs East Coast swing

    Weird. I found ECS a lot more difficult and gave up on it after 1 month.
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    Benefits of dancing with a less experienced follow

    I agree with most of the points above. Dancing with beginners allows a lead to see if they are leading clearly (or sometimes you are too light of a lead and you need to be a bit more strong). It also allows you to work on your basics as well and gives you the opportunity to meet new people...
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    Too old to start?

    Yes my bad. I know Kizomba is from Angola. I meant club dances that are danced at Latin socials.
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    What would you say to yourself as a beginner?

    Remember that dance is separate from reality.
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    Too old to start?

    Just a rule of thumb for anything - you are never too old for anything until it's too late. Don't worry if a class is younger than you. I started dancing at 32 and started Muay Thai at 34. Most of the people at the dance studio are older than me and most of my Muay Thai class is younger than...
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    Laughing / laughed at while dancing

    I think there's a difference between laughing and smiling. If you made a mistake and you end up laughing instead of smiling, just say "my bad" so they know it's your fault not theirs. Smile to keep their spirits up.
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    Crushing on Salsa Instructor

    That might be tough considering she is moving to a different province lol.
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    Crushing on Salsa Instructor

    I agree with the majority of the posts here. Dance instructors are naturally more friendly and will cross barriers that most of society deems "inappropriate". This is their way of teaching. I asked a similar question a year ago and was basically told the same thing. So I just basically think...
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    Is 5 patterns really enough?

    It probably is enough, but you need to be proficient in leading them and have the right timing. Learning patterns isn't enough, but proper execution and how to lead it properly.
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    Should I dance Salsa if I don't like Salsa music?

    What about learning kizomba or bachata? Those are fairly available socially as well.
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    Dancing with different instructors

    I've been doing this dance thing for almost 2 years now. At the 1 year mark, I was encouraged to try a different instructor for different types of dance. After 2-3 months with instructor #2, I switched back to the original instructor, even for the other type of dances. Here's what I learned...
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    That's good. The rowing machines aren't supposed to provide too much resistance. They are more of a full body workout including your abs and legs.